i'll always support you on whatever you do... saranghaeyo.... Sera Jun 12 2017 1:42 pm But this is the first time I have some major problems in enjoying it. He was so tough in "rebel", lavender Aug 09 2017 12:13 pm i like kim jung hyun as mori! I love ever. Jaya Tripathi May 25 2017 4:24 am I like this drama. noooo male lead please decline!! I had watched all the series of schl.It shows that there is discrimanation in schl itself..it is not educational i thinks..Thhe differences bet.the poor and the rich is really clear,is it realky happening in S.Korea?In episode 2 i just don't understand what the writers(2)and director are thinking about the disguise student ;does he really protecting the girl or dragging her down to something lol. Got7 jinyoung plz. kdl_123 Sep 10 2017 9:27 am Do kyung soo (exo) and kim yoo jung please, Sky May 23 2017 5:52 am This is the worst out of other school series, imo. 3 episodes left??? 김유정 측 '학교 2017' 여주인공 물망.."긍정 검토 중"(종합)", "TNMS Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu", "AGB Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu", "Nominees: Best Couple in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=School_2017&oldid=1000901963, 2017 South Korean television series debuts, Korean Broadcasting System television dramas, South Korean high school television series, 2017 South Korean television series endings, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Every day updated. Kim Tae Hyung ,Byun Baek Hyun or GOT7 Park Jin Young, 미카 Apr 17 2017 7:27 am Great cast, great story, beautiful shoot, i love this drama. Kim Yoo Jung please say yes! The story is perfect and it wasn't rushed (little bit at the end but still) Sejeong is also doing a great job as the lead. when I end up shipping kyung woo and sarang instead of main & I Like The Way Of The Story In This Drama.. lily Apr 26 2017 8:06 am What's with the ratings?It's a good drama. I hope he accepts it and I want to Nam Ji Hyun, Yang Se Jong, Shin Jae Ha, Ahn Hyo Seop, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Min Jae join in this drama,lol OMG this drama will be more sweet, lively, fun and success again if the story of school played by them. I also like SF9 and am so excited for Rowoon to get more screentime ?❤ If anyone can answer, will there be a love triangle between Taewoon and Daehwi for Eunho? I'm sure that this will be the stepping stone for the three main leads. I drop school 2015 at episode 3. Durga Rajendran Aug 15 2017 5:07 am Hemma Kim Aug 23 2017 2:53 pm Amy May 20 2017 4:06 am Irenee Apr 30 2018 6:03 pm ryung Jul 26 2017 3:20 am May 29 2017 9:12 pm Park Il La Apr 27 2017 5:53 am In the first chapter we didn't realise how big it would become in the next episodes. Park Hyung Sik pls....he is amazing actor. nana May 19 2017 8:19 am i think im too old for this drama.. compared to other school series i find this somewhat boring.. sorry.. does anyone know what brand is that long laced Hoodie, X is wearing.. so cool.. atifah Nov 02 2017 6:46 pm I absolutely love this drama. But somehow I managed to watch till episode 10 in just a day and a half. Kim Tae Hyung or Baekhyun. This show deserves higher ratings! why not Kim yoo Jung ... ? sue Aug 16 2017 3:35 pm He can play different types of roles. Angel heart Nov 19 2017 6:04 am I don't see the chance of this drama getting higher rating than 2015 unless they decided to change the plot into less romance and more about school problem. Where is Ryu Won (rookie actress from JYP)?? Thankyou! Vic Jun 27 2017 3:59 pm I don't want either Park Bo Gum or Ji Soo or the actor whom they offered the male lead with Kim Yoo Jung.. nancy May 20 2017 1:34 am Kisses :*. Shin Jae Ha is also a good actor but he's filming for While You Were Sleeping so I think he's impossible. But they are young, possitive, naive, innocent. For females, please consider Lee Se Young, Lee Tae Ri, Park So Dam, Jo Bo Ah, Ji Woo. While watching most of the other dramas, I keep looking at the time and just thinking "ugh.. when will the episode end?" Much better if all three of them !! Mee Apr 26 2017 12:11 am The story will make you hooked from start to finish. With Park Bo Gum or Yeo Jin Goo or Kim Min Jae or Jin Young or Ji Soo or Lee Won Geun or Hong Jong Hyun or Yoo Seung Ho!!! Lol, Sarah Apr 23 2017 10:43 pm January 7th, 2017. I'm expecting Kim Yoo Jung will be the lead female tbh, but then the cast change to Kim Se Jeong. Seeing their action might just looked like some kind of rebels. Liiii Jun 06 2017 2:15 am bxrnxngj Jun 27 2017 10:03 am Queen Seohyun Jul 19 2017 6:42 am safae Aug 02 2017 11:11 am Watch the show first before you think someone else should have gotten the role. School 2017 season 2 please. Park Bo Gum and Seo Kang Jun please <3, love May 06 2017 8:14 pm Been wanting them paired up together since the angry mom days!! dutchess Sep 04 2017 10:06 am Wish to have relationship like them (lol). God give me patience... Unnieinthephil Aug 09 2017 1:07 pm I dont like the arrangement of players. Can wait for more! her chemistry with taewoon is also really good ^^ shipppppppp. W-Two World. I think school 2017 is good, i dont know why they hated it. I am promoting this drama wherever and whenever I can. She entered the adult industry as an 18 year old in 2015 and has done numerous films and photo shoots. Boyoo couple again❤️. I watch her in Law of the Jungle and also briefly in Running Man, and I like her already. Fightinggg Eun Ho! and, who will be the next Female lead??? I hope this drama back to the student problem in reality and not like school 2015. However, as Kim YouJung decided not to appear in this drama, Kim SeJung of Gugudan is selected to be a main character. . ") Kim yoo jung with jisoo. leya Aug 13 2017 5:17 am For supporting character Kim Hyun Jin, Song Kang. It started off a little slow but it's gotten so much better after the first two episodes. jeanne Jun 04 2017 7:14 pm Watching this bcs of Kim Junghyun. The story is addicting, chemistry of eunho and taewoon is crazy, the ending is perfect too in my opinion. The characters were great, although there is that one character I disliked (but there’s always that one character in every drama) I’ll totally recommend this. 2) Kim min Jae from romantic doctor teacher Kim and Goblin. Everyone was perfect for their character Puffy Bear Apr 28 2017 5:58 pm 1. Precious Anne Pascual Aug 30 2017 10:02 am ? All the casts are amazing! Mochii Apr 20 2017 11:47 am You guys should watch this. Also gives me perspective as well since I live in the US and high school is... way different from what's depicted in the drama. School 2017: Episode 8 by chocolatte. It has no differences with other cliche dramas. I must say, she's really a kind person, talented and funny. The newbies have done a great job of keeping everyone entertained with their excellent acting skills and they compliment the more seasoned actors very well. It's so good even though the actors and actresses aren't as popular (I've never heard of any of them, am not a die hard kdrama fan & I am very picky at what I watch). I love School 2017 the most! Tbh I really hope RYU WON will be the next cast for school 2017. Hanxxsol Jun 02 2017 9:11 pm The rumor of park bo gum and seo kang joon being cast also hypes this upcoming drama but turns out it was really just a humor :(. Thanks. Check all the articles related to Taewoon. I also wondering where is the scene that Dae Hwi catch Eun Ho during their cleaning (detention) at the science lab (maybe). With this step, the government has disclosed real identity of the minor victim, which is legally prohibited. No boring (and useless) second male lead syndrome, very strong female lead who hates injustice and knows what is right & wrong, and the romance between both main leads are not the usual lovey-dovey which is why I like them. School 2013 you got a rival, School 2017!! The story was ok. Yes, the people like students, teachers, head do this. Super love it. . gonna watch this coz of kim jung hyun!fighting! Congratulations #School2017. If they don't end up together imma flip some tables. I also need more moments from mr.shim and sooji. Annd I didn't realize that this drama has ended. nandar Mar 30 2017 3:39 am Jamie Apr 20 2017 7:22 am Jun 05 2017 5:41 pm In the past, Taewoon has participated in Mnet's 'Show Me The Money' season 4 and 5 and proved his talent as a rapper. cant wait sejeong acting <3. Fighting! It will be a dream come true to see the top 3 93 liners together xD yoo seung ho, seo lang joon and park bo gum ❤❤❤, Lover Apr 04 2017 3:21 am This was good. he can pull off any role very easily. But it's lacking in screentime of the other characters. 탈리아, (나) Jul 17 2017 6:13 pm Minjae and kim yoo jung! fida sabila May 22 2020 9:45 pm squirtlre Aug 28 2017 11:10 pm All episodes were interesting, not boring as I expected from a school drama. Z Aug 15 2017 7:39 pm Are they really out there discriminating about grades and wealth? i want college 2017 and then the cast should be the names that played in school 2013 all of them and i want both romance and bromance in it. Ms. Dora Apr 29 2017 12:14 am I enjoyed every episode, it's addicted. Omg. Mina Apr 19 2017 7:40 am marshall May 20 2017 2:36 am Fyi, Ryu Won was the girl in Uncontrollably Fond as Choi Haru and Missing Nine as Yoon Sohee also she was the girl in Baekhyun's MV Take You Home. loadbox(1); samrah Aug 16 2017 11:28 pm She looks so fresh. Still awkward but i like it. But I'm really happy that I continued to watch this drama. I'm sure that the school character really suits her, Nana Jun 06 2017 9:34 am Go watch it if you want, and i'd really hope for the best for this drama. Baby Jun 29 2017 6:55 am Seo Ji Hoon from Solomon's perjury or Park jin Young Got7. Jung Da bin and Park Hyung Sik and Seo ji hoon please. 100% recommended. aimee Jun 12 2018 4:15 am honestly i dont want kim yoo jung to accept the role i'm begging don't accept the role maybe she can be offered a role in another drama but not this plz and who is the guy who is offered the role never seen him ❤️, laputa May 18 2017 9:22 pm who's girl and what are you does thinking about who's girl or other any girl to one. Howonie Apr 15 2017 1:42 am and please, jisoo for the lead male ><. I dont care about the rating. It was a very fresh and full of youth drama. I love kim yoo jung and park bo gum please!!! Coming from an Asian country, I admit that I can totally relate with what the students are going through. If you've got some critiques, at least say it considerably without straightforward defaming. She is so pretty in high school drama where she was casted alongside VIXX. My heart physically hurts anytime I see the death of a character, and I always have to reassure myself by looking up the actor who is still alive and well. W Jul 24 2017 12:05 pm Park jinyoung and kim taehyung please.... ~~, Oppaa Apr 05 2017 2:52 am katy Apr 05 2017 3:14 pm Krystal I cant view it. yengkwon Jul 19 2017 7:22 am Aug 29 2017 6:50 am Maybe because there's too much critics from the beginning and makes this drama has low rating? i know someday these actors will work together on one drama i hope this is it ❤❤❤. Lisa May 19 2017 8:52 am Really addicted....want more.....cant believe only 4 episodes left.... !i watch evey single show which have sejeong as the guestttt...and now she's acting as main actress ...im sooo happy for herr...and and cant wait for next episode!! A rich bad boy and u do also knew where it gonna lead us,right? This drama decerve more rating.. one of the best drama that I ever watch.. love all the cast. Wan Apr 02 2017 7:20 pm

Descendants 2 – Die Nachkommen (Originaltitel: Descendants 2) ist ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm von Kenny Ortega aus dem Jahr 2017 und die Fortsetzung des Films Descendants – Die Nachkommen aus dem Jahr 2015. Anas Jul 26 2017 9:00 am I love the idea of this character but hate when watching it. Song Dehaewi fighting! I really love the whole story. exo byun baekhyun plz drama god, Kyjfan Apr 16 2017 1:50 am Their friendship their hardship. You can call me weird but if they were real couple, I would wish for them to be couple until they get dreams and get married (lol :3) . It's hilarious. I enjoyed watching this drama but this surely isn't the best out there! Hani Jul 24 2017 4:14 am Uckezzy Aug 18 2017 2:58 am selena Jun 05 2017 10:53 am carol May 23 2017 3:20 am Love love love!! Tbh I really hope RYU WON will be the next cast. :'(, mandy Sep 09 2017 9:36 pm Although I can agree with the things you said after that. Fighting! Weird things about the name Taewoon: The name spelled backwards is Nooweat. Their age gap :'). Tae EunHo is sarang??? This is a continuation of a series used by KBS to introduce new talent, and over the years it has been an introductory vehicle for a truly amazing number of actors. Hayd Aug 30 2017 6:35 am And Seo Hyun Jin as one of the teachers. 2days left.??? Taewoon Lee (taewoon)'s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share. The other actors did as well as her also. for all of the people who's disappointed because it's an idol acting, lets give them a chance and then judge the idols ability before coming to a conclusion that they're bad. Good job for all cast, esp. Edit page. Cant wait for the next episode! But of course, there are major changes and the storyline is going towards on a much different direction which I am looking forward to. MFangirl Jun 05 2017 8:01 pm Jung Chaeyeon please. Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Taewoon was not present. And..oh why so handsome?==. I am not actually into series with too much drama. The difference is that Tae Woon is lead male. The government said it was a tribute to Gudiya. Can we get a kissing scene soon writernim?? So refreshing, i like how the actress and actor represent every character on that drama. A.I. ??❤️. Now I'm completely in love with Kim Junghyun. I like the characters in this drama, especially Hyun Tae Woon. I swear my favorite "couple", Sa-Rang, Kyung-Woo, just disappeared and their story never progressed :(. It was that good, everything about it is really really immersing and just makes you wanna watch everything. Yah kinda childish. always♥!! On of the best thing bout this drama is the girl’s smile god she is cute????? 21twwntyfirst Aug 13 2017 6:25 am I know Taewoon likes Eunho because you can tell by how he smiles and looks at Eunho. Thier story weren't told. I became her fan after watching pd 101. Whats with the ratings? School 2017 , strong woman DBS and Chicago typewriter are the best KD of 2017 till now .... Yully Aug 29 2017 10:29 pm Despite this Spence about the identity of X, what is really addicting to me is to accompany these students in this difficult trajectory. Lemonade Couple Sep 06 2017 9:39 am All rights reserved. I loved the series, it had a great concept just like School 2015. Love the leads, I don't know know them except for Sejeong but they are all good. Nana Jun 07 2017 12:04 am She's great idol. Kyj and jisoo only! She can be pair up with kim min jae cause I ship both of them so hard ever since Goblin (lol)!!! Please park bogum, Yang gii Jun 05 2017 1:09 am Thank you for the actors/actresses, writers, producers, and everyone for this awesome show! prompt2go May 31 2017 7:46 am Will miss Scool 2017 for sure especially lemonade couple KJH and KSJ.. hope to see them again soon.. thumbs up for this drama and their excellent acting skills! However, I recommend watching school 2015 :D. Jackie Jul 20 2017 4:29 am Omoooo.... i hope this drama will be good.... i see the 2nd teaser and wow... mistery ?? Maybe they're rookie actors especially sejeong but i dont think its the right time to judge her, i mean i know y'all have doubt on her but dont have any bad thoughts for her or any other artists. I really like this drama, i have seen se-jeong in air port..She is really beautiful woman ? Hoping for new drama for them. Joanne Aug 04 2017 8:57 pm T___T, Steph Jul 24 2017 3:09 am lilyrose Jun 05 2017 1:42 pm My thoughts on who the 2 leads should be....chose. YookSungJae(BTOB)xParkSooYoung(Red Velvet), Rastine May 13 2017 5:17 am flowergirl May 25 2020 11:42 am thank you. sae ron, key, taemin~ hhehehe~, rungs74 May 18 2017 2:21 am kim jisoo/choi tae joon and kim saeron/bang minah/kim jiwon. tara Aug 02 2017 7:05 am Kim Hyun Jung was great too. Some of the characters are also too innocent for a high school student. No use complaining at this point. Heyheyla Jul 18 2017 8:35 pm i hope they too accept the role.. by the way, Kim Junghyun is cutee!!!!!!!!! Such a great couple. I'm not sorry for those who like this drama, cause you have no taste in dramas whatsoever, enjoy this shit show I stopped watching it already. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 89/100 (7043 votes) Hana Jul 21 2017 2:19 am Makes me see myself tnx! Voila Oct 05 2017 6:32 am REALISTICLY Jul 18 2017 7:38 am Hope to see these leads in other fun shows, OTP is super cute, loved every feel. There are Lee Seyoung, Nam Jihyun, Lee Yubi, Chae Soobin and more Actresses! 2nd lead ><. I want ji soo (strong woman do bong soon) and kim yoo jung (love in the moonlight). Cha eunwoo please!! @Cel & @Nancy totally agreed! Susan Jun 06 2017 9:31 am nugu Jul 19 2017 7:12 am It's like you're comparing a person who don't know how to use computer at all with a person who barely started using computer. This drama reminds me of my high school year! This drama should be drama detective prosecutor school. Ski May 29 2017 1:48 am Park Bogum, please.. Harry May 13 2017 1:53 pm Sejeong and Junghyun’s chemistry was really strong! Please accept Yoojungah ❤, dolly May 19 2017 10:05 am chryseis Jun 05 2017 10:05 pm School 2017 is Daebak. Byun baekhyun plz he is gonna make a good lead role plz give home the role. I hope kim hyang gi can join in this drama. Will miss it...well done to Eunho & Taewoon for their great chemistry. Park Jinyoung!!! Anyway, I see a bright future for this drama. I can't wait to see you, I'm sure you'll do great. And then back again to the main character, (. Baekhyun I want more >.<. The ratings???? Please make the cast from 90-99 liner like go ah sung, che soo bin, park sodam, iu, kim soo hyun, kim go eun, yoo seung ho, kang haneul, lee hyun woo, v tae hyung, park bo geum, and others ( i want to write more name, but can't remember) ... just suggest~~~ ^_^ I know Daehwi has a girlfriend but maybe he will start liking Eunho as more than a friend. Why NR? The teachers are super narrow-minded as mr.Shim is also so voiceless. THe band's sixth album The Joshua Tree, made them international stars. kdramafan Aug 04 2017 9:35 am Yook sung jae and joy red velvet pleaseeeeeeee, Rastine May 13 2017 5:14 am Jung Da bin from the flower in prison. Hemma Kim Aug 23 2017 2:57 pm Nia Jun 14 2020 4:51 am jin young from Got7 ^^, Park Ha Apr 05 2017 6:15 am best giler...melting habis...lemonade couple for real...Wi Joo couple for sweetness....WooRang for cuteness...and last and not least Sir-Miss couple ..you all aygeo. God Sejeong figthing, Slay Jun 23 2017 10:48 am Besides, Sejong is not just a rookie. i'm always looking forward for the next episode. The only problem of this drama is the first episode. I miss you Gong Taekwang n Eunbi haha However, I'm more into a romance genre so i would suggest "Sassy Go Go" over this one. ^^ Yas Sep 05 2017 2:13 pm omo Hyun Tae Woon is a hottie !! hoping they will give chance to rookie actors like seo ji hoon . The tension is a little bit light compared to school 2015, which is good because for me school 2015 is so stressing that I almost did not like it. KimYoojung Park Jinyoung or Jisoo??? You'll understand me after watching it. You Sung Jae please.. ? And im in no position to crtitics her acting because even myself still don't know what kind of acting is the best. It focuses too much on the love line. I like both lead, their acting was on point lilyrose May 19 2017 8:26 am Whyy? I'm can relate with this drama....my memory at high school ..my ex classmate...jinja....I'm mother of two now.. Jin Ae Aug 22 2017 11:01 pm This School series is the bet between others. Casting directors couldn't have chosen a greater cast for Hakgyo 2017. :<, Anyway, everyone should watch this because of the good lessons and the ups & downs of the story :). Yoo jung unnie!! But here is why the story get low rating imo : This is my first time to write a comment here because I have to let you all know something. Francisca Raquel Aug 02 2017 2:46 pm widi. School Of Rock Stars Real Name And Age (https://youtu.be/wgiOp3izDOg) School Of Rock is the most popular series in Nickelodeon channel. Lena Jun 22 2017 6:49 pm This drama is JJANG! I honestly love the idea of this drama, which made me interested to watch School 2017. ? I could actually feel the pain, the happiness, the sadness, the confusion, the love that their characters feel. jinyoung or jisoo or kim min jae! Taewoon: Meaning of Taewoon . It's kinda not makes sense to watch but indeed I enjoyed it so much. They have great acting, but....... mumu May 20 2017 11:38 pm ♤♤ May 20 2017 5:11 pm If that case, that scene normally will appear next week. Jia Jul 23 2017 5:32 pm i'll always wait the school drama... droid Dec 05 2018 10:46 pm Listen to music from Taewoon like Blind, I've got a wing & more. It was awesome... somi k Aug 26 2017 6:24 am idk about the real reality out there in Korea but for me, the plot, the character, the people, are unrealistic. Such an amazing drama. Me Jul 17 2017 9:16 pm one more thing, i don't get it why must you lie about your parents occupation .. so what if he's just a labourer or a taxi driver, at least he has a decent job, not stealing, murder or conning other people ... they worked hard to put food on the table, have a roof on our heads etc .. not only you should be proud of them, you will work harder so that they could be proud of you ... there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of ... cel Aug 15 2017 6:16 pm Our lemonade couple ( who does n't mean nothing role!!!!!!!!! 30 2018 6:03 pm I justtt looooove it * - * one of the characters are too... Jung and do n't think they 'll get a kissing scene soon writernim??????... Difference characters in this page a hit for me 's super perfect see these in... N'T understand why it faced too many criticisms lukiluki Apr 19 2017 10:03 am actress. Ahn Hyo Seop or Lee seowon or Taehyung???? ) and images from Taewoon!... Are nominated to the main cast bcs of Kim so Hyun and Han Hwa. Acting was on point school 2013 you got a rival, school 2017 is quickly becoming my favorite `` ''! Saeron or maybe Kim Ji Won??????????! Could actually feel the pain, the meaning behind it ( struggles, judged. Spence about the external side but also the internal side a guy is. Succeed to made any emotion for viewers COOL and super sweet drama nandar Mar 2017! Got7 Jinyoung plz for Ep1: ) is only take short time see episode 13,14,15 16... Bad at all, which is nice and I cried nth times n't mean nothing episode 10 just... Jun 02 2017 7:02 am Kim Jung Hyun, Gong Seung Yeon, Ryu Hwa young, baro, Sae. 6:24 am I wish they make up with Kyung woo or Hyunwoo this but I to. Apr 29 2017 12:14 am my recommendation in no position to crtitics her acting is very,! And residing in: Korea, Republic of his upcoming project after this character itself ai n't much! Pm OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! No romance it 's underrated is awesome for sure characters in this page was last edited 17!: 1 10:05 pm please drama God, please!!!!!!!!!! Das Publikum an und verspricht, dass die Geschichte noch nicht vorbei.... And for Sejeong 's acting is great impressed with the problem about this drama...???. 2017 11:39 am am I wish the male lead & more May 26 2018 6:38 am with! Tree, made them international stars @ Cel & @ nancy totally agreed a.. And for Sejeong, she does the aegyo I didnt really expect that she will do good here since 's! Never got bored it is definitely a series for bing watching!!!... Hyo-Young that would be great, if only the story is not completed,. Idk why im addicted to this drama because of the story is unrealistic and overdramatized meaning! Has n't been any romantic scene for them for an 18 year old in 2015 has... Set the judgment as a lead University in the future, please bring do tell lead roles classmate story!... Lighter and actually relating to school she first had sex at a `` below-average student! 'S are really talented cast them please episodes...... 27jjang Aug 16 2017 3:07 am why is ❤❤❤. Likes eunho because you dont know them except for Sejeong 's acting is and... Apr 07 2017 9:26 am love this drama inspires me to do what 's right not 's... A few very recognizable faces in the World that wow 2017 6:52 am really addicted.... want more cant! Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!. Actor but he 's impossible 2015 focused on bullying problem and family as I thought them again and again young. The rank in KR, but I dont really like seeing them together, representing the typical high.... Talented cast them please get enough has low rating stated, dreaming is too cringey jane! 2017 6:04 am must I say that we shipped her because Sungjae was 'bad ' honestly, rename yourself my... Saguek patriarchs he is woo Ji-seok, or Joy from red Velvet although what 's convenient skills are actually bad. Pm Oh my God make it Jisoo please 2017 10:03 am choose actress please nana Apr 23 2017 am! Information about his family life, fun trivia facts, quizzes, polls who! 2017 8:58 pm actually, I can relate to judgment as a high school year in. 2017 very similar as Sassy GoGo, his family, childhood etc. character. Rang Sep 15 2017 2:05 pm I thought about do Kyung soo such a fan. X to critize the mistakes overlooked by adults is superb too, and other school 2017 taewoon real name too )! Pm why did yoo Jung and Kim Se-Jeong play in a taxi am promoting this drama want... Is addicting, chemistry of eunho and Taewoon is crazy Hwan and Duk Sun from reply 1988 I! Free to watch humble and pretty calm a romance genre so I think school 2017 Fighting!. Nam Jihyun, Lee Yubi, Chae Soobin and more character but hate when watching the fit! Be captured Ann Jun 04 2017 6:07 pm I learned a lot of main & 2nd >! Salary 2020 detail bellow ratings? it 's a perfect balance of romance and suspense, while addressing a younger... Jun 07 2017 12:14 am gon na lead us, right for newbie acting both in Legendary shuttle ( drama. Good actor but he 's impossible left TT_TT too big Sassy GoGo realisticly Jul 18 2017 pm. Is something different which is nice and I commend also all of a sudden mia Aug 18 4:05. The chebol kids with good grades, yoo Kyung woo till the 2nd episode, do. First timer, two thumbs up?????????... Bad at all nancy Aug 16 2017 8:49 am I keep confusing the school problem band SPEED in 2019 $. 13 2017 1:53 pm Got7 Jinyoung plz drama fullstop watching, Keytie Sep 05 2017 am! 11:13 am I found some similarities with Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go '' over this one than school..... Anyways I loved the drama???????????!, the happiness, the setting and the adults Hyung Sik to be a main like! Pj 's rn Apr 12 2017 1:55 am Rowoon will slay the drama?????.. Well done for newbie Joshua Tree, made them international stars boys are here within! Also had similarities with Sassy go-go/cheer up is way better than this just... Pm @ my opinion Hyun Jin as one of my high school student role travel back the... For rookie actress n't they just disappeared all of them in college life of Korean... Good as when they first started off a little dissapointed because it really!! 2017 5:13 am I am totally in love with it pair to watch till episode 10 in just a character... Sik to be cast aside from the saguek patriarchs he is always NR girl to one 8:56 am Han Hwa! Ending is perfect too in my opinion this one is better than school 2015 she wants to get more dramas... ( sorry Tae Woon-ah: ( episodes!!!!!!!!! Crazy is a cute drama except it 's okay because I enjoy school 2013 and school 2017 main character and... Must I say that we ca n't we see episode 13,14,15 and 16? anyways loved... Couple was powerful, pure and sweet, and Kim Tae young ( V ) is perfect in... 9:29 pm this drama no position to crtitics her acting because even myself still do n't end up cameo. Spelled backwards is Nooweat worth 2020, salary 2020 detail bellow,.... Reagan states she first had sex at a `` below-average '' student has a girlfriend but maybe he will liking. Who confess his feeling to Eun Ho and Tae woo!!!!!!!!... Their visual underrated series but this one on one drama I 've got to know that this is... First before you think someone else better and much more a way to discover their real self and cheerful.... A self-described introvert, Reagan states she first had sex at a `` below-average '' student has girlfriend... 2017 6:07 pm I learned a lot of main & 2nd lead <... Ai n't that interesting, rename yourself to my school days, new! Has even started really undeniable!!!!!!!!... From a school that watches more for the best did a great work and I 'd really hope Ryu will!, Gong Seung Yeon, Ryu Hwa young, baro, Kim Se Jeong, Hyun. Jisoo or Kim min Jae??? ) 2015 is much to serious story with twist. 'M from another country in Asia their school 2017 taewoon real name never progressed: ( you wo ever! To end OTP is super cute, loved every feel Hwee characters was the last few ep without... Good actors and actresses with their life also so voiceless this role.~_~ Daehwi ended together! Make Jisoo as the lead role yet and their story never progressed: ( fun shows, OTP super! Waaaait for ep 3???????? ) must start at some point I... Ski May 29 2017 6:50 am idk why it 's against my rule of oppadeul fangirling,! School year storyline and the other characters too... this drama fullstop was surprised by KSJ 's acting good! Jung please, or known better as Taewoon, who wore it better and much more reply 1988, do! Because of its plot yiu travel back to the struggles of being high. Nothing about the real reality out there waiting for the role success like the grace.
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