But before I get to each specific problem, I urge you to take the time to read through the entire post in the order that I’ve written it. So pretty much once every couple of days. Read the answer to the question above. Some people mistaken this for a flower, but it is simply a protective covering that each new leaf has when it grows. Do you have your plant in a pot without a drainage hole? Ivy plants tend to require little maintenance and can provide years of color and aesthetic beauty, however, they also can fall victim to poor growing environments and infestations. Too little water? It is as close to the window as possible without touching it. The vinegar helps to dissolve those stubborn mineral deposits from hard tap water. Zone 5 I think? In other words, there are some other reasons you may have wilting petunias. Yes, petunias do grow best in full sun so you don’t want to Hydrangeas prefer moist soil. This is a balance though because too much direct sun on the variegated varieties can scorch the leaves as they are a bit more sensitive than non-variegated versions. 9 easiest plants to clean your indoor air, 50 houseplants that humidify your indoor air. At the tip of each stem, you’ll notice that the growing tip has a covering called a sheath. Have you ignored your houseplant for a while? Both “underwatering” and “overwatering” can cause this. Does it need fertilizer? She was using a moisture meter and hadn’t watered her plant in months. Your pot size might be too big and the soil is not drying out fast enough. It could also be that your rubber plant is severely pot bound and needs to be repotted into a bigger pot. Do not rely on soil moisture meters because these can present a lot of problems. With good care, you should see some new growth as the days get longer as we approach Spring. I have some fountain grass there and it does fine. The trick is to find them early and prevent the population from exploding. Height & Width: 30-40cm high x 60-90cm wide. It is important to water these plants thoroughly, but they need to dry out a bit in between. So, even if you are watering as often as you should, it’s still not enough because your plants are struggling in the sun. I’m going to give you some helpful hints in this post so you can diagnose what’s going wrong! If your soil is staying too wet for too long, there could be a number of issues that cause this: Curling can also be caused my lower humidity. Move your plant right by a window. It is especially effective at removing formaldehyde from indoor air! Ficus are very sensitive to sitting in water. houseplants droop? days of summer and the heat will kill off the fungus. This reduces to about 3 parts potting mix, 1 part perlite and 1 part bark mix. If water is allowed to accumulate in the cup, down inside the center of the plant, it can cause rot. Both of these conditions can cause yellowing leaves. Unfortunately, having water-logged soil can also lead to wilting. You can safely and easily remove those stubborn hard water stains from your rubber plant leaves. You’ll need to strike a balance between enough light to bring out the color, but not too much direct sun that may result in browning of the leaves. When plants outgrow their pots, the roots are going to be very crowded under the surface. The main job of the lower cactus is to display the gymnocalycium at an advantageous height. I used a blend of an all-purpose potting mix, such as Miracle-Gro, and added plenty of perlite and also orchid bark mix that I have on hand from all the Phalaenopsis orchids that I grow. I replaced many of them and they did the same thing. Your air plants may be dying because of lack of sunshine. Just step up your usual watering schedule to Due to their vigorous blooming habits, they do need a lot of nutrients. In between treatments, you may also want to spray off your rubber plant with water in the shower, or in the sink if you have a small plant, to help clean and wash off your plant. Not only does this plant clean your air, but it also transpires a lot of water so it helps to humidify your indoor air as well!