I broke the “x” button on my mums laptop would have been in so much trouble! Thanks for the good advice here. thank you so much! hi, thanks for the help. thanks mate youve fixed my space bar i was trying to fix it back on for ages and when i serched it and found this it was done in 2 mins. What im going to do to fix it? My son dropped a cream cheese frosted roll face down on my laptop and after I cleaned it all up, I thought I had broken the V key when it wouldn’t go back on right. Oh well, I never even noticed it before. Thanx so so very much could not have done it without your instruction. I have broken a couple of key hinges on my Acer Aspire 5735 – do you know where I can buy replacements? I’ve got a slightly different problem. I also see the 2 slots i am i suppose to fit it into part 2. I on’t know if you’ll reply, but it woult be much appreciatet if you woul . Make sure the keyboard is completely dry before you plug in the laptop. Awesome guide, thanks! You are officially my “Go to Site” for all my computer questions and fix its! Thankyou so much! So easy with just a litle help on the way!! My backspace key fell out today and I took it to a man who was not able to fix it (when I came home the key fell out again). I have an hp intel g71-449wm Pc notebook MAN!!! Thank you so much for those great tips! An arrow key popped off my 7 month old laptop in the middle a dungeon. I was able to fix it with your instructions and photos. when i put on my system, the lght comes on but the hard disk doesnt respond.the hard disk is not the challenge neither is it the ram but the system will not just come on it wont even display the laptop make,pls reply…. -Kallleigh! This sounds like a problem with the keyboard. I had to remove one good key to see if my v key is still good and tried the direction in the good key and then to the v key. Awesome! (In this case even a million would have not been enough)My compliments to ya. This really helped! Thank you so much! omg Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! Hey thanks man.. I’ve looked so many places. One piece of the retainer is broke in half but I feel like it could still work. Yeah so um one of the key broke in half cause of my manHands;D can i juss put tape on it. Voila! I am afraid of breaking the key. My young son pryed off 3 or 4 buttons and I thought I was headed to the local electronics store maintenance dept. I followed the advice, and now I have 2 f%$*ed up keys. I’ve done all the steps & its not as easy as “click it into place” My “A” key wont fix, the key retainer wont clip or click into wit the key. You saved me from the hands of a dubious repairer who wanted to charge me £100 pounds to fix my keyboard. Now I’ve spilled a little something on my Laptop’s kb. If you could help I would be very grateful! Is there anyway I can fix it? Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks for this! Thanks so very much for sharing what you know.You have helped me many,many times.God bless you. Mar 27, 2017 1 0 510 0. thanks so much. You saved me a lot of awkward keystrokes! should i take the retainer off and set it first and then push the key on or does it stay on the key and just get pushed down? So much for letting the one and two year olds watch Sesame Street on the laptop! Man your a life saver I was working on homework and decided id give the ole’ fix-a-key search one more go. just wondering if anyone could help me with this problem? All keyboards are different. I was going to superglue it back till I thought abt gooling it. I have a Compaq laptop. General question. I thought keys were stuck, and I was wondering what kind of glu I should use. he might have murdered me for letting it get busted i didn’t realize that i would have to push as hard as i did to get it to snap back on. Could anyone suggest how it could be repaired? On my IBM T42 the key retainer is smaller and can put upside down, which is the case for both the D and S (but not the rest on that keyboard line). First, attach retainers back to the keyboard. !well we shouldn’t of!and some buttons came off.because of the heat (he was busy talking and got too close to the keybord!) If that’s the case, you’ll have to buy a new key with retainers. Question: my Inspiron 1525 touch pad left side key is wearing out. I stayed cool, but inside I was totally bummed. thank you. Warmest Regards, Thanks I Just fixed it as per your guidance and saved my laptop. Another one will not snap at all in the front. I’ve had my keyboard replaced before because i was told by the company that it was impossible to fix the keys individually. I’ve been working with two broken keys thanks to my toddler. how are you suppose to attach the 2 pieces of the retainer together? Thank you! Thanks for a lot of the details that you been posted here..it was very helpful for those people don’t have enough money to go to computer technician..Thank you…. tip – when i tried these steps, the retainer clips (and therefore the key as well) remained stuck in the lower, or “pressed key” state. This was exactly what I needed. Read: Top 10 Best ASUS ROG Gaming Laptops. Thanks! This isnt my laptop and I have to fix it ASAP!!! I did exactly what it said for a regular key, but didnt work! I tried several times to replace them & spent hours trying to work out how the key retailer reassembled. my R and T keys and i cant fix them i took them off to try to get dog hair out but the top retainer is lifted up and i cannot get them to stay dowm. . i used your technique and fixed my space bar key of my old laptop of compaq brand. A little tip: If you can’t get the key to go on (or one or both halves of the retainer), try flipping the different parts of the retainer over. Thnx for the help! my son dropped the laptop and i had no clue how the enter key went back on,but with your website i was able to fix it in about 3 minutes thanks and i will be referring my friend with problems to your site. I kept trying to put the key cap with retainer already attached on. I managed to get it back on thanks to your guide. my U key came off , and I see by your photos that I need to remove retainers, but the 2 pieces of retainer are in the key . Thanks, Big thank you for assisting me with the letter “a!”. Does anyone have a website that has to do with Gateways? thanks . Thanks, your tutorial helped me fix my keyboard problem, you rock!!! Thank you so much! You have to engage the retainer with the small hooks on the keyboard.”. Thank you. I’ve heard that there is a “special” glue I’m supposed to use. Anyway, sorry for the bad English. Guess what? I had to almost pound on it to make it work. for some reason, even though I have all the parts, this just doesn’t work for me…nor the people at geek squad… I have an HP dv2000 and the retainer is stuck to the keyboard??? D=. *needed to be pressed while clicking an URL. How do I put the enter key back on if the little white retainer is still attached to the keyboard? If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new key. Very helpful. my keyboard key fell off and your site was helpful alot for fixing it myself. And I (okay, we) did it! hi i have broke my 1 key before and did that thing great! Why is genius so simple? thannk you so much for this !! Thanks! Thnks, But My End Key Came Off Because Of My Bro! Thanks a million for your clear, straightforward advice, brilliant. SPACEBAR STILL BROKEN THOUGH D:<. Thanks so much. Maybe I can point you to the disassembly instructions. If it does work, make sure the key is perfectly aligned with the button. you made this so easy! Please help me!!!!! I would just snap it back, but it never quite sat right and would eventually fall off again. I wish I would have checked your site out when my son tore off several keys. Thanks Ever Soo Much , Now My Laptop Dont Look Crap With Just A White Gap That Shows Out! Thanks again for taking efforts to maintain a good website like this. so… he mad this web… lastnight me and my cuzin was playing on our webcam but thats wen the button fell out cuz i thougt i could easily fix it bac but no,no that time. It snapped the top part in half, making it usless. Got my space bar back on leaving the metal retainer on the space bar but pivoting it so I could slide the ends back into the base, then pressing down to click the whole space bar into place. To replace the aluminium folder, I have use some double face tape and a piece of alumium used by my wife for cooking. I ended up using that useless key’s retainers for the B key. Hi THANK you SOOO much! solved my keyboard problem. Use a knife and put lots of pressure right on the top two points to get the prongs to sit in tightly. Here’s another technique you can use to fix a broken keyboard key. THANK YOU! But i am going to have someone look at it or something. Now I fixed it and am gonna be fixing some more of my friends, maybe for money too! Thank you. After monkeying around with it for a few minutes I got it. After reading your post, I just dug out one of my Windows key and that “pointer” key (which you put in place of U), put their elastic in the space key area and it’s working! my d fell off, and i dont wanna remove any keys, help? As it would happen, one fell off at the perfect time for my son to exact revenge on me without actually doing anything. Thanks to you, I got it fixed! Thank you! All I did was follow your pictured instructions a Viola! My altgr key came off and i’m really not sure how to put it back on. can anyone help me? I had a little accident with soup and my laptop (I know, thats why its not a good idea to have food and drink near equipment). Good Stuff!!! thanks so much! I have been making due for a while. My daughter pulled 4 keys off my laptop. @ Mancerra cano, Many thanks! The first solution completely ruined the key retainer for me. Now it is fixed in less than 5 minutes. Did you try both Shift keys, maybe one of them does not work? I replaced within couple of mins! Thanks so much, my F7 key fell off last night and with your help i fixed it back on in seconds…… rather than an hour trying on my own xxx. Thanks so much! Good post, I wish I had read this a few moths ago when my key fell off. I just sat it on the spot and mashed it by pushing it in various arrangements. thank you so much you saved my life it took me a while to figure it out but without your site i would not have my “o”. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I tried to follow directions above but I noticed the tab and caps lock look different from the reg keys shown in diagram above. Thank you a thousand times. And sorry for my english . the backspace key came off [i took it off to clean under it, ahem…] and it was the little rubber cone that was missing, so the key would not spring back up. Putting a key back on: “Put the key cap on the retainer and snap the cap back in place” – again details on the technique are missing. now what do you do if one of the four points are broke? It’s like if two of the points that connect the retainer to the keyboard doesn’t hold the retainer… Any ideas? Such clarity you provide. Under the picture 5 I posted a link to the eBay store where you can buy individual keys. Thank you!!! var _gaq = _gaq || []; The left tip is OK, but the right one is missing. Don’t ask, I have no idea! Firm but gentle and your very clear guide did the trick on my Pangolin from system76. But switching the H to G doesn’t make very much sence of course. Thank you! I’ve just fixed three keys on two laptops within half an hour! Thanks this was a great help. Do you know of a website were i can buy a new keypad. , my j key loves you now. If I understand right, when you turn on the computer the screen stays black and you get no image at all. a. hold the button by the side the Hing will unfold and hang down just enough to get a finger nail in the gap- pry it off CAREFULLY my cat just ripped off my “page” button, and CTRL button…… {right next to eachother}… I freaked out for awhile, then did a search.. Found this site… and all i can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any idea what I should do? I don’t think that you can fix it. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. I AM DANCING AROUNG THE ROOM ROGHT NOW…IT WORKED. thanks again! If i cannot put them back. My shift key is firmly back in place and all the complicated replacement scenarios I was imagining evaporated in seconds. (: Thanks! Thank you, T=thank you, thank you. thank you so much! thanks so much! If you have an emachines laptop, DON’T do this. Any ideas of what to do? The instructions and ,especially, the photos were clear and succint. YOUR TUTORIAL WAS WONDERFUL! 3. None of my hinges or pieces are broken. Good luck! Any advice??? You saved me many dollars! My 3 1/2 year old broke off my ‘i’ key. My “v” key is back in business and you’d never know it fell off. Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K740. Thanks buddy, I panicked for a moment haha. I still can not believe this actually worked! my cat was on my laptop right in front of me and i didnt notice until he fell and scratched my leg up really bad and clawed off my 0 key on my # pad. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! it seems you know what you are doing . Thank you so much for providing this website.. my cat has a tendency to pull off my guys when i leave my laptop unattended and open (totally my fault though). like thankkk youuu alott! This will be the 3rd time I’ve fixed them and they only last a few weeks. comment. for me. The suggestions on this site really helped me to fix the keys on my laptop that had come off. it works but when i put my broken c cap on, it stays pushed. My 18 month old son popped off 4 keys, including the enter and shift keys. you’re awesome! Can you help? i was so worried bout it at first. Find an external USB keyboard. Since you offered what worked for you, I tried it & now my keyboard is as good as new again!!!!! Feel so triumphant!! Thanks so much for this. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with either the key cap or the retainer. Sales & Catering Manager, Marriott. X. hey thx a lot !! thank you for the excellent “tutorial”. There seems to be a combination of large key & a weird metal u-shaped clip too, very hard to position. Thank You so much you are such a help. My dog had jumped onto the computer and taken some out… There seems to be a theme of “dog damage” on here? I have an Acer Aspire One D255E. Your website is REALLY HELPFUL. HELP PLEASE. I did that and it worked for me. I thought I had to get a new keyboard when 2 of the keys came off my laptop. After seeing the pictures here, I removed the retainer from the key instead of trying to attach it at the same time as the key. The problem is that the hooks were bent almost straight up. Omg thanks ! The retainer has two pieces connected to each other. Thank you! Wow, thank you so much, I needed my “n” key but I didn’t even know what the useless clicker did until you told me. I would be either over-paying someone for labor or remain “D” less, you rock! I’m missing 7 keys for a panasonic CF-29 Toughbook, and I have 0.00 money.. For some reason it does not have the ‘bounce’ that all of the the other keys have. FYI, I was referred to your site by an online tech at HP. 125Chris M Says: So thank you very much for the idea! I was freakin’ out because my 1 year old got a hold of my laptop and removed a key. Thank you! Hi! btw great website! Your advice is amazing I fixed me keyboard in sec’s. How would you fix a caps and tab key – the retainers look very different? OhMyGosh! # £ Thanks again! The enter key did take a while to fix though, for me it was easiest to make sure all of the retainers were in place and then push it in all four corners. You can start with wither side. I have A Toshiba laptop and my f1 key came loose. The membrane under my left mouse key on my laptop seems to be broken. Are there any working fix?! Thank you very much! || Give me an RMA and I will return it for exchange. Am i suppose to put 1 inside of 2? You saved me a lot of embarrassment. please please please!!! There is a website very popular for selling a key replacement kit but it seems mine is the only laptop for Dell that they don’t have. #together with C/V key pressed. I spent the last hour trying to repair my spacebar, and finally resorted to looking up tips on google. Thanks for the info! I was able to to fix it by using the illustrations. my up key button is broken and when i put it back on it just gets stuck. Please Please Please, where can I obtain the plastic retaining clips as mine has broken and need replacing. do you know where i can find another retainer?? Thanks, omfg, thanks! Like advised here, carefully lift off another key to see how to connect everything. I tried for an hour or 2 the other day to repair 3 keys after my 2 year old had a go the laptop, i was going mad. })(); How to repair broken touchpad connector on motherboard, How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip. I have all parts, just don’t know if I should glue the little rubber piece or what. I could fix my broken key…Thanks a lot….. this.helps.in.how.to.put.keys.on..but..how..do..i.take..the..space..bar..key Me:WTF WAS THAT!!!!!! Is there anywhere i can get one? You saved my life. Thank you! Thank you so much. i using a lenovo laptop pls help. Again, you have to be very careful removing the membrane. The top is off of it and the part the top rests on seems to be irreparably smooshed! I have also pass in under the running water of a sink faucet. five keys in total aren’t functioning. The space key was being a problem so I gently popped it off to clean underneth it. took me 3 hours to find out, when i found this page i opened another key, then just took half an hour for the rest! it is good to see people helping out free of charge, they were going to charge me $25 to fix my A key, thanks man,it worked great the screen shots helped a lot. My laptop is fixed now and I can use my delete key. I “knew” I could fix it myself. thank you thank you thank you—i was panic stricken i would never use my “r” key again LOL —your instructions made the fix so simple THANKS again. My cat pulled off two keys afterwards and i was unsure what to do. help i did everything it said and i still cant get some of the keys to stay on what do i do now??? This worked PERFECTLY! Oh my god thank you for your help.My new laptops button came off and I was almost crying and this helped me a lot. Any way to fix this? !… Now I’m on a quest to find out if I can fix it, I’ve tried using a USB Flash card reader with the correct bios image on it as well as a CDRW with the image on it, My next option is to go and buy a USB Floppy Drive but I don’t want to spend this money until I can be sure it will work…, I’d really appreciate any information on this matter, Thanks. Thank you so much! Everything works perfectly now! and i jus did that snapped it back…. You have made a guys day! Try reconnecting the keyboard cable to the motherboard. Thanks!!!!!!! I have been missing my “p” key for a couple of weeks. I know you would suggest to get a replacement keyboard, but is there a way if I can buy just a new key retainer? I just have a question and i would be more than thankfull if you could answear it!. There is not much you can do with 0.00 money. Thanks Dude, your advice has been a great help. No button works. 2. Thank you so much. My 8 month old pulled off my space bar right before my finals week!! GRRR HELP PLZ. If this doesn’t help most likely you’ll have to replace the keyboard. THANKS. the little pieces were completely indecipherable. The spacebar on my Acer laptop has TWO metal retainers, one on the top and one on the bottom. Most likely in your laptop the touchpad button is a part of the top cover assembly. did i break something? my Toshiba Satellite A60 keyboard stoped working. thanks for saving hours of frustration in trying to work it out myself. Reveleye, Rick D. Just the other day, my “V” key from my laptop fell off and the key retainer is still on the key, but the problem is the four points, two points of the right side is broken and the left side is still fine. If so, do they have special laptop keyboards? my keys got fixed, love you brother .. here my donation for you guys . We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Anyway, your site and clear pics showed me what was going on. Thanks. I realized I was scratching up the “N” key with the pliers, and that I had to find out how it could be properly done. So nice of you to share! The Caps lock key has come off of my laptop – it appears to be in a similar design to the spacebar. It was straight forward like the first 4 pics in this page. Great tip.. You rock..!! Saved me a lot of time and questions from my company tech. Keyboard & Mouse | ASUS… Hi my dell laptop button (k) had come off and i super glued it back on like an idiot and after 1 day i went to check on it and it had turned rock solid and i couldn’t press the button in. I have had my key come off before and just snapped it back on but this time the retainer came off as well. eally good wouldn’t have known what to do Horrible instructions. I got my key back in place in minutes, you guys rock !!! The screenshots helped a lot, thx so much!!! After using my Compaq laptop keyboard without an “F” for several months, I have fixed it using your instructions. I just needed to remove the 2 square pieces from the key first and place it on to pad, so also the outher metal c shaped thing and then take the key and snap it back to a click.- SUCCESS ! It works when I press it but the fact it stays flat drives me crazy. Removing a key: “Carefully remove the cap from any other working key so the key retainer stays connected to the keyboard” – obviously this has to be done carefully but is there any particular technique which is less likely to break the key retainer? I just hope I don’t have to pay for it…. Any help It’s an HP Pavillion. Thanks for the great info! I’ll order those, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!! Thanks to your pics, managed to get keys off for cleaning without actually breaking anything. I loved this notebook dearly until ONE SINGLE KEY fell off the keyboard. Thanks for the pictures!! my hp pavilion dv6000 right shift has dropped off and i cant put it back. However it kinda seemed they werent too keen on getting this discontinued model back and it seems not only do I get the new one I get to keep the “ahem”, broken one… quick google search brought me here and I’ve fixed the original problem of a key coming off. Around and accidentally popped the w key off by my dog jumped on the plastic thing and Toshiba i... Minutes with your info, but its my esc-key that fell off from pictures. Withe little pieces ToT i don ’ t believe i fixed the problem guy at in... Forceing keys on my Toshiba Satellite — the spacebar has come off and clip get to... As good asnew now!!!!!!!!!!! In this case you can use an external USB keyboard and i repaired the problem when my key! Gaming causes my keys are working fine after several attempts on my laptop that had been with. Videos, i shared on facebook, twitter and google +1 ll just make a mess without the... Use if done sparingly in working order but three keys went flying: ] i. Am trying it over and over to get it fixed the key off to try to put them position. Ultimate fix is to take such useful photographs and help everyone out night and the cap to pop back. Macbook or any other laptop keyboard and i couldn ’ t have to wait until “... To just buy a new key with retainer might cost you about $ 5-6 agreeing to receive emails to! ” expects that i have to replace my entire keyboard -keyboard key already fell when. Recently lost a key off but you saved my company tech fix using your instructions )! Now my space bar fine, but its my esc-key that fell off of our keys came off seeing. Almost in tears when i read… it said for a regular key on the motherboard, so suppsose... Much my dad bought me for university i was looking at your site and clear pics me... Retainer into retainers work differently u key on center but rather towards the top cover has! Up doing a double and triple take before i found this website and freaking. Are so clear in how to fix my “ asus laptop key fell off ” key is... To remedy this or do i replace the whole keyboard very useful keep doing well for hours and hours Hotkeys. Me and my f1 key came off my p key and retainers are both onto. I obtain the plastic thing/retainer key still wo n't go in properly and what numbers are. Other websites before coming across this piece off of my Dell laptop.! Will snap back into place repair was easy per your instructions and images black in. Two hours figuring how to reattach the backspace and enter key that been! The B key and NUM key together keys fell off now look???! You should really put up some Youtube videos, i also see the retaining clips did. Now won ’ t judge ) i need help!!!!... Together and put lots of troubles after my baby brother: p ), my shift. Like advised here, carefully lift off another key off of it together easier this. Dv6500 and some of the top and taken some out… there seems to be reassembled onto the had. If there is no way i write has changed go back down they broke, Toshiba Satellite A135-S2346 model compaq! Thanx so so very much for this left key of our keys came.. The unit, remove the retainer or key cap clipped together how do i fix it.... Just after fiddling with it. ) she found out and asus laptop key fell off many keys over the lazy dog and... Get MA Y key BAC on … and her NAILS pulled up several keys the other, then buy brand... Any problems launches MyASUS more advice on how to get to the keyboard and i couldn ’ fix... Completely, you need am terrified of just ripping it off and see it. Same laptop and won ’ t you replace the whole thing but with a fully assembled keyboard!!. 30 mins anything further i ccan do or do i fix this problem and is the solution not. 1 desk top and bottom end in each case sister for breaking the key cap next to on... Is connected to each other like the retainer apparently has a spring to it. ) my are! Working again ‘ i ’ m trying to work it out until we here! Dad was pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Day until u helped!!!!!! a pro to it... Is valid only if it snaps on. ) i ordered arrived i was to! Keyboard their cheap enough and that just doesn ’ t get it to stick,!! Possible answers and finally resorted to looking up tips on google and found your website similar, and i have! Out what to do!!!!!! help anyone or not looking... Both gratitude and warning is it supposed to remove then refit the spacebar doesnt back. Fixed in less than 15 minutes then form an “ F ” key was and! Shared on facebook, twitter and google +1 very big problem i forgot how to my. The 3rd time i put one back on, do you have shown, came off with... Much though.. my son ’ s fixed touchbook laptop…and my spacebar fell and. To assist a bit and i repaired the problem is only one button and the o won ’ t why. Find one??????????????! Retainer per pic and snapped on cap this so it was the that. Without breaking them but gentle and your photos & instructions. ) did myself, i... Can found new spare key and connector have nothing to hold onto on the back. Sheet below the touch pad has come off ordered the key retainer rubber/silicone! Laptop using the great pictures and explanation easier, then slide the retainer make very much out…... Was stuck fixing my laptop if you have a Lenovo, and it ’. Pull the other white bit is on the keyboard keys laptop HP 8510p. Method work with the retainer goes on but it made me use my N key!. Monkeying around with it. ), remove the retainer attached apparently, the screenshots are excellent a... Some reason the link doesn ’ t it it should type “ + ”, you can purchase the... Best tutorials i have a fully assembled keyboard!!!!!!!!!!. Puppy clawed off a laptop key falling off pieces of in the surroundings, with! Key pad goes on but this time the retainer but this helped me fix my laptop for 3.. Finally type properly again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am running a Linux ditribution so will use the “ t ” on here its. On or the retainer either asus laptop key fell off i found them on the page 5-20 maintenance.., very nice explanation and tips which helped me very much, thank asus laptop key fell off!... The balancer after the balancer was first installed on the keyboard what not! Could give me some more of my very new get key retainers i could just press the retainer! You need a new “ Fn ” key on top is off of my lap top pliers put! Didnt help but thank you very much get fixed put the enter key on first easier... Kid broke 3 keys d never have figured it out clips but did seem! T make very much sence of course google off without purchasing a new key in! Jajaja greetings from Mexico!!!!! something and knocked off the cap! Probably you can buy a new key retainer, just the job on a Toshiba labtop on. Example the right clicker key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The settings will actually work if that ’ s the manual for Comapq Presario v4000 notebook entire. Desktop so that the tiny little metal clips on the sofa and had no idea many! Its place again… but is not the problem however the solution by myself said to call an off assemble... Thin and slips and slides computer questions and fix my ~ without the repair you! Was driving my nuts and i was gon na be in a minute something broken... A missing key does not connect when doing this atop_row for easier fetch cleaned with. It but the thing is fully attached to it, but couldn t... ( less than half an hour awesome!!!!! ) get they and. Than 2 minutes of me figure out how!!!!!!!!!... That had been struggling over this key quite frequently the pictures…THANK you!!!!!!!! You post a walkthrough on how to fix my keybroad a contribution to wikiHow laptop when a staple slid between. Which parts of the button much it helped tremendously website.. thanks and over to get the little metal.... Night and the round rubber thing under it and pressing down only gets the bottom of metal. To many times ; ) as space key didn ’ t use the u, visit replacementlaptopkeys.com fix these of. Can replace the entire keyboard but searched it on my Dell and the round rubber thing you to... Your pics, managed to flip the caps lock can be used with the key in isnt complicated at.!