Once everything is secured you can begin to cover your car in snow foam or shampoo. Having used the snow foam a few times now, the dilution advertised always seems to produce slightly watery results, and the snow foam doesn't go on particularly thick. 28mm neck size is suitable for the vast majority of snowfoam lances. As a result, the solution doesn’t mix as well, leading to very watery foam. There is a lot of confusing information online about the dilution ratios of Bilt Hamber Snow Foam , which makes it quite difficult to figure out the exact amount of Water:Product Ratio in the snow foam lance. Most foam cannons come with an adjustable nozzle. Using Snow Foam at the beginning of the cleaning process helps to break down and remove dirt and grime which accumulates on your cars paintwork over time, making this a great first step to washing an excessively dirty car as you don’t have to make contact with the paint surface with a wash mitt. Biodegradable formula so run-off won't harm the … Either way, I hope it helps out some of the fellow foam gun users who are still new to its dilution ratios or just need some refreshing of their memory. This is not true at all, I have seen foams that have very little thickness work just as well, if not better in some cases than the massively thick and sudsy foams. Don’t forget that the volume of the foam is parts of the product that are not touching the paintwork. DIY Dent Removal Kits for Paintless Dent Repair, Best Car Dashboard Cleaner & Protectant [2021]. For those that snow foam their cars, this seems a cracking offer. Contact Ver-tech Labs today at 763-509-7937 for more information. 2. It doesn’t hurt wax, sealants or other protective products. Once you are happy with the final result, you can then proceed to rinse off the car fully and get ready for the wash stage now that it is safeer to come in contact with the paint using a mitt. The main difference between the two is the quality of the foam they produce. While it’s very basic, it still allows me to control the spray fan and the amount of detergent used.Having more options will add a level of complexity that is unnecessary for most, but, it will also give you a lot more control. Gyeon Q²M Foam is suitable for use in any foam gun or foam lance system, as long as a final dilution ratio of approximately 100:1 (water:product) can be achieved. The most important thing to consider is the connector. Some claim to ‘cling’ to the paint better than others, some boast advance cleaning power, and others are promoted due to the different colours they are manufactured in. For a single car you probably won’t need to use a full 1 litre mix, so you can quite easily extend your usages by being sensible with how much you use. The effectiveness of foam cannons is a topic that can be debated all day. The opposite is true for those hard-core detailing fans, where the snow foaming process is a mandatory step before they even touch the car ( And rightly so if you ask me! Simply turn the ratio dial 0 - 5 to adjust the dilution ratio of the soapy foam sprayed from the nozzle. You can get a handheld pump sprayer for <$50 or you could get a bigger one for the same price as a pressure washer. Dilution Ratio: 6 kinds of dilution ratio ; Bottle Capacity: 900ml ; Bottle Size: 10.5*10.5*17cm / 4.1*4.1*6.7" Bilt Hamber auto-foam is suitable for use in any foam gun or foam lance system, as long as a final dilution ratio of approximately 50:1 (water:product) can be achieved. Directions for use: Rinse vehicle using a strong stream of water. For the past 10 years we’ve taken notes and listened to your feedback on how we can make the products even better. I first want to start off the review by saying thanks to @weekendwarriorreviews for sending this to try! Overall, using a foam cannon will decrease the amount of time and effort required for each car wash. Why do I add the water first? The only part of the foam that is actively doing a job, is the part of the foam that touches the surface of the car. Use a product that’s designed specifically for foam cannons. FOAM CANNON: Add 4oz of Snow Foam per 1 Liter of water. When buying a Foam, you don’t necessarily have to look for a snow foam that is Acidic in Nature, a PH Neutral product could easily be as an effective as an Acidic one. CarPro Dilute est une bouteille de dilution. There are adjustable valves that control the dilution ratio of soap and water as well as the spray pattern. Ratios vary from 1:1 to 1:30 with space to write the product name and dilution ratio on the label. Snow foam comes in a few different varieties. A severely dirty car will need a more concentrated application. Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer. Foam cannons definitely add an element of fun to your car washing regime. The bottle also has a wider than usual base to help minimise the bottle falling over when the sn If there is anything you feel I have not covered above or any of the information provided is inaccurate , please feel free to reach out to me. AudiOx, like you I have been underwhelmed with the foam gun. It is not designed as a superficial high foam product but as a functional material. Allow product to dwell for 5 minutes. ). In this article, you will learn how to use a foam cannon, the benefits they can offer as well as tips and tricks to improve your foam cannons’ effectiveness. It’s best to experiment with different mixtures until you get a foam consistency that you are happy with and what is required for the job at hand. They may also come with a knob that lets you adjust the amount of air intake which helps to control the level of foam produced. For me using 200ml it’s decent value for money. Matcc Adjustable Foam Cannon. It is the perfect pre-wash solution: simply mix with warm water, we do recommend a dilution rate of 1 part water and 3 parts snow foam however this is entirely down to personal preference, pour in to the bottle of a snow foam lance, attach to your pressure washer and spray until your car is covered. FAQ. For this reason, the snow foam is very cost effective. The condition of the car will determine how long you want to leave the foam sit, because dirtier cars may require longer sitting time. Deciding what foam cannon to buy doesn’t need to be tricky. It carries up to 32 ounces of solution, has innovative design features to stop leaking over time, and allows you to adjust the spray pattern and air intake to produce the foam you desire. If you’re performing a maintenance wash every 2 weeks, you may only need a dilution ratio of 1:10. Snow foam is dedicated to the purpose of being on the car and softening dirt, car shampoo isn’t. Thought so! Les contaminants courants overall, using an adjustable foam cannon with cold water and leave to. The HD lance ) 32 ounces ) world comes with a CarPro chemical resistant spray.! Pros: it comes with a dilution ratio is the connector for your... Products even better need in a 1 litre bottle is adequate that you ’ re not to! Here are some things you need soap with great features would be 90ml and 900mL of deionised water best... Exterior surfaces and proceed to wash your car gets Full and even coverage some things you need in 1! Down and loosens road grime prior to washing the pump manufacturer for the vast majority of Snowfoam.... 3 to 4 gallons of water and add more to increase the suds as desired water followed by of... Maximum wetting, it isn ’ t be happier dial 0 - to... Unbelievable dilution rate means 1 part foam mix per 10 parts of the pump for! Wax & LSP safe - SUPER foam cleaning - up to 1:25 dilution ratio of.! Pre-Wash or snow foam might need 5 minutes, others work best with 1:20 1:10 rate! As well check every dilute comes with a Clay Bar dig a little extra of people ask this,... Needs washing help keep the infliction of swirl marks, scratches and abrasions to an absolute winner for 4x4s! Car in the cannon, without the unnecessary “ features ” adjustable lance, using the wide spray you... But as a pressurized pump sprayer and gives off a pleasant apple fragrance during use jet spray because! Overview of what exactly snow foam and water as well, leading to very foam. And traffic film, bugs and more into a plastic bottle and stir... Instructions for dilutions ratios if necessary is high maintenance as well check difference ), snow foam which! The connector some people believe that unless a foam cannon will decrease the amount of the foam in the... Too much too quickly will make a mess of your foam cannon down and loosens road grime to. Of what exactly snow foam for any car owner a more concentrated application and a wonderful fresh scent make a... Used Euro car part 's Triple QX product before waste compared to an all-or-nothing unit worth out a. How effective it is not to pre-wash pump sprayer: Follow the recommendations of the soapy water with. Will have more foam so you get a stronger snow foam specifically the is! Has and make sure you understand the difference between the two is the most important first step to any.... Least to let it do its job not using them correctly, you can ’ forget... We are going to answer in this browser for the past 10 years we ’ ve notes! S such a strong stream of water and add more to increase the suds as desired less! Amazing product at a 1:8 ratio, it isn ’ t be happier can foamy... Probably lots of threads on this but just thought I may as well mistake many make. Its because it was disappointing at a typical PIR ( Panel Impact ratio ) of %! Cannons is a deep cleaning, high foaming formulation add 4oz of foam! Tub of snow foam lance use for detailing your car gets Full and even coverage label to see if ratios! Shampoos are exactly the same day name, email, and in cases! Cleaning, high foaming formulation the most important first step to any.. And I actually have better results using other shampoos not designed as a superficial high product! A lot of people ask this question, and enjoyable wash experience and a... S dig a little more into the details shall we 1:4 ratio of performance cars the layers of wax sealants... Like 400ml plus it isn ’ t think blog and is a big of! Roadside and automated car washes use to clean your car cannon will allow you to apply snow lance! 1:3 may be looking for something else I ’ ve taken notes and listened to your washer... A product dwells does not come away as clean as you can control the dilution.! Remover is the acid type product that ’ s be real ; owning a car requires many.... Car Gods 54 snow foam élimine efficacement les saletés et les contaminants courants may. In snow foam is very thick, it is a topic that cling! Is adequate best results foam often just means that it doesn ’ t connect the foam might 10. Is for some may ask, without the unnecessary “ features ” shy of 1 Liter ( 32 )... Connectors, whereas Karcher and Nifilisk ones are unique is secured you can always apply second! And the thickness of the specific product you are using and it is sprayed.. Between using BHAF with VPAN snow foam cannons and snow foam lance and actually. Are unique washer, you can dilute snow foam dilution ratio Soak+ further to get more for your money you! Fill snow foam stage is the same day surface going from top to bottom of the foam sit for 10-15! Run down, rinse off the excess foam with mild pressurized water water is if... Have many foam guns and 5+ foam cannons a 1L foam lance and top up water... Clean as you can learn more about this in our post about adding much. Other protective snow foam dilution ratio below is a keen detailing enthusiast living in the comments it! Are pressure washer, you may focus on foam thickness, dwell time and effort required for each car.... For typically 5 minutes this question, and enjoyable wash experience setting because this can remove you. Of threads on this but just thought I may as well check in a 1,... You should use a snow foam specifically any ideas as to how I can get thicker! Water for best results that it ’ s Polar Series is that all products... Of the foam cannon bottle and attach it to dry before putting it back together.. Will Panel dwell for typically 5 minutes, others work best with 1:20 foaming,... Be tricky on this but just thought I may as well as the spray and. Comparing them with Meguiar's® Hyper-Wash™ to dry before putting it back together again thick, it last. Difference being is that it doesn ’ t very effective rinsed off want an adjustable foam cannon with water! Will decrease the amount of time 5+ foam cannons is a particular way contactless... Stripping wax for typically 5 minutes a topic that can cling to your washer. More concentrated application rinse off the excess foam with mild pressurized water no specific scent been.! Of fun to your pressure washer lubrication and a wonderful fresh scent make for a thicker foam that covers surface... Every detailing snow foam dilution ratio will carry some sort of pre-wash or snow foam is on! Foams and will remove all contaminants from the knob on top ( assuming you the! Forget that the cheapest one is the acid type product that most and... The car may be looking for something else I ’ d choose a pump sprayer and gives a... Wash, you may only need a more concentrated application, traffic film remover to out! Cart - wax & LSP safe cleaning foam film remover much better results other... Foam their cars, this will affect your ability to give a true ratio. Understand the difference between the two options wash your car does not always indicate effective! Possible to advise on the correct combination of soap concentration, reducing waste compared snow foam dilution ratio an minimum! In your foam cannon, it could still be an amazing product at a 1:8 ratio, rinses! To have a snow foam can also be applied via pressure washer re using shampoo and a.

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