This is an ideal name for a girl puppy with sapphire colored eyes. Dot:  This is the nickname for Dorothy, which means, “Gift from God.”. Tarot:  Tarot cards are used by fortune tellers to predict the future or answer questions. It means “Peaceful ruler.”, Fritzi:  Sounds pretty German, doesn’t it? It is also from the military alphabet. It is made with a non-sweet batter and fried on one side. The Blue Agate is the most known. Clementine:  This citrus fruit is a cross between a mandarin and a sweet orange. Mila:  This name is from Eastern Europe and has meanings in both Slavic and Russian. Susi:  This name means, “Wolf,” in Finnish. You could just use puff if that bothers you. If you're looking for an interesting name for your dog, then this is a great place to start. “Will-helmet,” is the meaning of this German name. 500 Popular Female Dog Names This would be a cool name for a blue-eyed pooch. Snickers:  Snicker can have two meanings. Kelley:  Don’t let this human name fool you. Ebba:  A German name that represents, “Strength.”  This would be perfect for a big pooch. It is also the Roman goddess of the moon. Whether you prefer traditional, trendy or unique names this list has something for everyone. He was one of the three pooches that are on the Hollywood walk of fame. Spunky:  Spunky means, “Bold and spirited.”. Celeste: This a shade of turquoise blue, that resembles the color of the sky. It is also the call sign for one of the main heroes on the Battlestar Galactica TV Show. It is also a cut of lamb. Freeway:  Freeway is a major road. Ulva:  This is a wicked name. Mojito:  This is a mixed drink from Cuba. Most people are aware of the Mint Julep. It is the home of Las Vegas. Maya: This cool female puppy name has a couple of meanings. Fina:  This comes from Italy and means, “Burning one.”  It also means, “Serpent.”  Either meaning you go with, is bad ass. Erma:  Erma is from the German word “Irmin.”  This word means “War goddess.”, Eva:  Eva is the Latin form for Eve. Basil:  Basil is an herb. This name also a flower, Bluebell. Doodle:  Doodle is a mixed dog where one of the parents is a poodle. A Blue Iris is for hope. It is made with Gin, Vermouth and an olive. Here is a list of Female / Male Italian Dog Names with Meanings is available which will provide a wide range of Italian Dog Names Female / Male Italian Dog Names with Meanings . It is used to combine two pieces into one. We also have an entire boy names section too! Karma always has the last word. Starbuck:  If you love coffee and love spending a ton for it, then you know this name. Jasmine also means, “God’s Gift.”. Since it sounds very Irish, it might be good for a red pooch. Peanut is usually a nickname for someone small. Twinkie:  This is a small sponge cake that has a creamy middle. It is also for Strongheart. Jaylin:  Jaylin means Jaybird. The 1st female. Mags:  Mags is the short form for Maggie. Zen:  This word is used to describe a place of being mellow. You could also use this name for a pup with blue eyes. So, if you choose it for your pup, you’re covered for both a man or a woman. Mena:  This girl name is from Germany. Cyan: Cyan is a shade of aqua blue. There is also a Destroyer after her, USS Hopper. Millie:  Millie is the short form of Mildred, meaning, “Gentle strength.”. Gwin:  Gwin is the Welsh word for, “Wine.”, Gwyn:  In the Welsh language, Gwyn means, “White.”. Then narrow it down to your top five. Fern:  A Fern is a plant that does not have any flowers. Glory means, praise and honor that is earned by being successful. Tyndall:   In the Celtic language, Tyndall is a derivative of their word for, “Flow.”  It is also the name of an Air Force base in Florida. Additionally, this name means night and dark-haired beauty. The other is a US Candy bar. Most link this bird with the Blue jay. Name Meaning Male/Female; ABERTO ... All images are the property of their respective owners. This German name means, “Divine Protector.”. Hoppy:  If someone is hoppy, they are all over the place. Hilda:  It might sound like a grandma name, but it’s meaning isn’t even close. Peaches:  The Peach is the state fruit of Georgia with the fuzzy skin. Dog Names Meaning Protector Considerations Nowadays, dog breeds commonly associated with protection work are the German Shepherd, Doberman, Mastiff, Belgian Tervuren, Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog, Fila Brasileiro, Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard, Belgian Malinois, and the Rottweiler. Merlot:  Merlot is a wine that is made with dark grapes. This what they call a crazy windy storm. It is also a beer term. It apparently means, “Praise.”. Elma:  This name means, “Helmet.”  It symbolizes a tough girl. It is famous for its red rocks and its magical energy vortices. Pumpkin:  This is a squash that is large, round and orange. When a person is trying to trick you, they are tricky. . This also a kind of beer. It is a small piece of cake and hard frosting on a lollipop stick. Ash:  This name can have a few meanings. Tala:  Tala is the Native American word for, “Wolf.”. Those are sprinkles. This creates nooks and crannies like an English Muffin. If a person is called a Pearl, that means that they are rare and worth a lot. Sondra:  There are a lot of, “defenders,” in this list. In Celtic, it means, “Island of Apples.”. It is included here because of Lady Jule. Nori:  This name means, “Belief.”  It is from Japan. Radon:  Radon is a harmful radioactive gas. It is also a shade of blue that is close to the color of a Robin’s egg. Echo:  An echo is a repeated sound. If you are good, then good comes your way. Deciding on a brand new dog’s name can be a daunting task. Alaska:  This name comes from the US State, Alaska. ... Juan_Alvaro. The last meaning is a precious stone, jewel. She was the one that made ice. Girl Dog Names That Will Stand The Test of Time, Crate Training a Puppy (The Do’s & Don’ts), 21 (Super Easy) Ways To Mentally Stimulate Your Dog. Cherry could be for a small dog with shades of red. Karma:  What comes around goes around. Luana:  This name has the meaning of, “Gracious warrior.”  In the German, it has the meaning of, “Graceful Battle Maiden.”. This results in a pink color. It is the name of the main character. Nox:  Nox has a few meanings. She is the wife of Zeus and rules by his side. It is made with pineapple, sugar, rum, ice and coconut milk. Borra:  In the Maltese language, this word means, “Snow.”. Godiva:  Godiva means a, “Gift of God.”  Godiva is also company that is famous for their chocolate. Winter:  The Winter name comes from the season. Makenna:   This is a lot like, Kenna. It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it! You will only want the best for your baby girl puppy, a name that is original and unique. Our collection may not be the biggest on the web, we prefer it that way. If you think that your pup is going to turn heads, then this is a good choice. Muffin:  This is a dough that is baked in a cup. Lucy - The feminine version of the Latin name Lucius, meaning of the light (either born at daylight or of light complexion). It is also that honey making, stinging flying insect. This name means, “Alive.”. Did you find one that took your fancy or that suited your new girl puppy? Toddy:  Toddy indirectly means, “Fox.”  It is also a warm whiskey drink, Hot Toddy. It is like sherbet but doesn’t have any dairy in it. Each color has a different symbolism. However, it also means weak. Rebel:  A Rebel is one that fights against the government or a ruler. She was the mate of the famous GSD, Strongheart. Also, the name itself means, “Queen or mighty.”. Tillie:  A name from Germany. Below is a list of some of the best unique female dog names and meanings that we think you will love for your new girl dog. Rogue as a verb, means to go against what is expected. Kona:  Kona is a town on the island of Hawaii. Zona:  Zona means, “zone,” in Spanish. Sadie:  Sadie comes from the name Sarah, which means princess. Zoe:  Zoe is from Greece. If you think this too long, just use Ev. See the meaning of Hopper for info. Take your time when choosing a name for your new girl. It is poisonous and yellow. It’s a cute name. Leaving your dog with a Dog Sitter. This is name of a tree that make syrup. Trinity:  This name means “three in one” or Triad. It has a unique taste because it’s made with French grapes. Female Dog Names With Meanings will make the process of naming your dog easy, there are … A new pup needs one of the great dog lovers. This name is usually given to a pooch that was found on a freeway. Ritza:  Ritza is from Germany, and means, “Protector.”  This would be a cool thing to call a GSD. Colada:  This is a Slurpee for adults. If you are bad, then bad comes your way. Joule:  There are a couple meanings of this name. Apple:  This is the name of a popular fruit. A peach would be fuzzy. After interviewing several veterinarians about this hypothesis, it was determined that there are certain characteristics generally associated with different female dog names. Buffy:  Buffy is a nickname for Elizabeth. Pinky:  This word is often used for something small. Then wait a few days. What name will you choose? It is native to China. Stella is also the name of a great beer. Grace:  Grace means to honor or favor. Koda:  The meaning of Koda is, “Little bear.”. It is made with sugar, rum and a fruit. Aspen is also the name of a popular ski area in the US. Crumpet:  A crumpet is an English food. Another Harley is Harley Quinn from the Batman world. It is also the name of one the strongest X-Men from the comics. Gesine:  Gesine is from Germany and means, “Spear of Strength.”  That would be one cool thing to call a powerful pooch. So, if you need a chocolate dog name, this will work. It is also the girl hero from the Matrix movies. The below list includes great Greek names, their gender, and their meaning for you to use as inspiration for naming your dog. Willa:  Ready for a bad ass name? Congratulations! Rio:  This name means, “River,” in Spanish. Required fields are marked *, All Rights Reserved © Designed for Dogsense NZ by Best Sense. Button – As cute as a…? Sake:  This is a strong rice based booze. It means “Great Land.”. Greek Dog Names Choose the perfect Greek name for your dog or puppy. Shorter names are usually better, think about how it will sound when you are training your new puppy – calling out a four-syllable name might confuse her, not to mention become a bit of a mouthful! Maggie means, “Child of the light.”  Mag is also slang for ammo magazines or Magnum guns. If you're looking for a cool ethnic name for your dog, consider Greek names. Yummy:  Yummy is one of the first words that kids learn. Rayne:  Rayne can mean a few things even though the spelling is different. It means, “Defender of man.”. Cali:  Cali means beautiful and lovely. Clem would be a great name for a mutt. This would be an ideal name for a canine with blue peepers. Dixie – a nickname used in America for anything south. Raven:  A Raven is a black bird. English Pudding is made with flour and part of the main meal. Ginti:  Ginti is the Lithuanian word for, “Defend.”. Kara:  This name has the meaning of, “Dearest one,” or “Beloved.”  It is also the first name of comic book hero, Supergirl. Both are spelled different but they sound the same. They also have a pit on the inside. It actually means, “Bringer of joy.”  Which is what a pup will do. It is a kind of Irish Whiskey that has dairy in it. Really, it is a dried-out grape. Saber: This is a sword with a curved blade. All rights reserved. It is made with made with green grapes. Lulu:  It means, “Calm and peace,” in Hawaiian. A pooch with shades of brown or red might adapt to this name. Summy:  This name is based on the greatest season, Summer. This was also the mascot of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Kylie:  Even though Kylie might seem jinxed, it has a cool meaning. Britta:  This doesn’t come from the water pitcher. Belle:  Belle is French for, “Beautiful.”  Belle is the main character in Beauty and the Beast. Barda:  Big Barda is a DC Superhero. Storm is also a member of the X-Men. Fluffy:  Do you have a puffy furry pooch? Pixel:  In a digital display, a pixel is the unit of measurement. Which means bright, flashy or showy. So, if you have beach attitude, this will work for your new puppy. They are magical and secretive. Liquor, crushed ice and sugar are the main ingredients for this drink. Top of the heap. One meaning is, “Power and rule.”  The other is, “Warrior.”  Sounds like you can’t wrong with this one. Pebbles:  This was the name of the cartoon kid of Fred Flintstone. It is from the German word, “Id.”  This means, “worker.”, Ilma:  “Faithful protector,” is the meaning of this German name. Aella:  In Greek mythology, Aella was an Amazon warrior. Riva:  Riva is a French word that means, “From the Shore.”. Anything under the Mason-Dixon Line is a part of Dixie. Aerona:  “Carnage and slaughter,” is the meaning behind this Welsh name. Donovan:  In Ireland, “Dark Warrior,” is the meaning of this name. Harper:  Harper is the nickname for people that play the Harp. This means, “God is gracious.”. Gummy bears are the most popular. These items were Peach Melba and Melba toast. Rai:  This name has the meaning of, “Thunder,” or “Lightning,” in Japan. So why not Click to go to the G's of . Spritz:  This is a short spray. Twinkies are yellow. Delta is also from the elite special mission unit, Delta Force. It is a spirit that wails an awful noise. Lumi:  Lumi is the Finish word for, “Snow.”. The second is the name of the Roman goddess of the night. Jellybean:  This is a gel like candy that is made in the shape of a bean. It was also the name of that Daisy-duke wearing cool cousin from the Dukes of Hazard. These swords are from the late 17th century and 18th century. Blondie:  This dessert bar is like a brownie. In Gaelic, it’s meaning is, “Raven haired beauty.”  In Ireland, some believe it means, “Little tear drop.”. Probably not. Bethany:  Bethany Beach is a beach on the east coast. Hazelnut:  It might be wacky calling your pooch a nut. Sounds like it is from Hawaii. This works because the meaning of Angel is, “Messenger of God.”. Brat:  A brat is a nickname for someone that misbehaves. This is also a kind of light ale. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Jazz:  This is a genre of music. Quella:  This is a pretty intense thing to call your dog. However, they have different meanings. Zelma has the meaning of, “Divine helmet.”, Zemsta:  In Poland, this word means, “Revenge.”. If it is, be sure read some of our naming rules. Willow:  This name means, “Resolute or peaceful.”. about getting a new puppy dog is the choosing of a name. Luna: Luna means moon. Not yours. Fuzzy:  This had two meanings. Kaia:  It comes from the Hawaiian word for sea, Kai. It is also a chocolate candy that has a rum and coco flavor. However, the grapes must be Chardonnay. It has the meaning of, “Winner.”  That’s a pretty bad ass meaning for such a cute name. The gun reloads itself, but only fires one bullet at a time. But like most rules they can be broken. They symbolize pureness. Aria:  Aria means, “Air” in Italian. Sherry:  Sherry has the meaning of, “Darling.”  It is also a type of wine. It means, “Wolf,” in Germany. Sunny:  This name is based on the weather. Ash is remains of a fire. This in when mint is added to the drink. This one is good. I think people love the way it sounds. Margaret is derived from the word for, “Pearl.”  You can spell it with a “z” or an “s”. Most of the names we have compiled in our list of Scottish dog names come from Scottish Gaelic.This language, also called Gàidhlig, Scots Gaelic, or just Gaelic, is a Celtic language from the same family as Irish (Gaeilge) and Manx (Gaelg).. Aife:  Aife was a bad ass warrior princess from Scotland. Fia:  In Scotland this name means, “Dark of peace.”. Read more new puppy tips and get our Printable Puppy Checklist! Layla:  Layla has the meaning of, “Dark beauty,” or “Night.”  This name is from Arabic origins. Spanish male and female dog names are for all breeds and mix dogs, you should choose a best suited name for your puppy when naming him/her according to the gender, choose Spanish female or male dog names, all names are with their specific meanings. For example, imagine any man at the dog park belting out, “Come here Cupcake!”  Do you really want to be THAT dog owner? Lacy - Derived from several French place-names and brought to England by companions of William during the Norman Conquest. Ally:  Ally is pronounced, “Al-Lee.”  So, don’t confuse this for war friends, “Allie.”  The meaning behind the name is, “Nobility.”  I doubt that you’d be choosing this based on that. Nia:  Nia has two meanings. Rudi:  In Germany, this name has the meaning of, “Famous wolf.”, Ruka:  In Japan, Ruka means, “Bright Blue Flower.”. The second meaning is a description of something that has fuzz. Giving your new dog her name is an important part of adopting her into the family, so choose it with care. Dolly:  Dolly means, “Gift of God.”  It is also what children call their dolls. Ree:  This Hebrew name means, “To captivate or to bind.”. Autumn:  The season of Fall. Take a look at this list and pick a name you like in a matter of minutes. Harley:  The Harley name meaning is, “hare’s meadow.” Harley Davidson is the first Harley that comes into people’s minds. Katana:  Katana is a character in DC Comics. *** If you would like to learn more about training your puppy quickly, effectively and in a cost-effective way, then check out our favourite dog training course which has resulted in thousands of positive testimonials from happy parents of perfectly trained pup’s! Teale:  This is another spelling of the color teal. Make sure you are prepared for your new pup! The meaning in Gaelic is, “Hallow.”  The meaning in Greek is, “Maiden.”  In Germany, it means, “God’s peace.”, Kova:  Kova is the Finnish word for, “Tough.”. Hannah:  This name means, “Favor.”  It has a great sound to it. You get the idea. However, when you hear Lucy most people think of Lucille Ball, the famous ginger actress. Xena:  This Greek name means, “Welcoming.”  It is also from the TV Show, Xena the Warrior Princess. Royal:  Royal is another shade of blue. Kiki - A bohemian style girl's name of French origin, meaning double happiness. In other cultures, it symbolizes a messenger. So, you might need to stay away from the cute ones. Think about her looks and her personality. You can use Rox for a nickname. It also means, “Woman of strength.”. This would be a great choice for a farm pup. Rumor:  A rumor is a story like gossip. Browse our list of more than 80 female German Shepherd names and their meanings. Tillie means, “The mighty battle maiden.”  Tilly is another way to spell this name. CeCe:  The limit on this name is your imagination. So, it can be cute and wicked at the same time. In present time, it is used as a synonym for a woman. That crunchy or gooey sweetness is hard to resist. Tappaa:  Tappaa means, “Kill,” in Finnish. It comes from the little edible shelled creatures from the sea. Hopper:  US Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper is known as the mother of computing. Ginger: Ginger is a root that’s used in food and drink. Think of a pineapple slushy and add rum. The Army is the unit that fights on land. To drill down, here are some cool options; cool, unique, blue-eyed, military, German Shepherds, food & booze, badass, cute and a whole boy section! Piper:  Piper is the nickname for a flute player or a pipe player. Brooklyn:  Brooklyn is one of the Boroughs of New York City. Ellie:  Ellie means, “God is my Light.”  Ellie is the nickname for Ellen or Eleanor. Delta:  It is used for the letter “D” in the NATO alphabet. It is a classic cocktail. Truffle:  A truffle is a fungus that is hard to find. She is the one that changed the men into swine. This plant is a symbol of sincerity. Tinker Bell and the Tooth Fairy are famous fairies. It is known for the coffee that is grown there. This means, “Wolf.”, Lola: Lola means, “Sorrow”. This is a gelatin mixture of fruit and sugar. Valda:  Valda is German and has two meanings. Everything you need to know. Violet:  This is a strange one that is baffling. If your dog has Irish roots, or you own an Irish breed, such as an ‘Wolfhound’ or ‘Terrier’, then our list might contain the perfect Irish dog name to match your dog’s heritage!. When it dies, it burns up and a new one rises from the ash. Cupcake:  It is a cake that is baked in a cup. If you don’t find a name you like, expand your search to our list of German dog names or to our entire list of more than 4,000 puppy names. HOME PAGE Home Page. Circe:  She was a witch in Homer’s Odyssey. When searching for a name, Native American dog names can be a beautiful and powerful choice. We don’t only have the names but the meanings, as well. It means, “Defender of man.”. The Big Book Of Dog Names. Asteria:  Asteria means, “Star.”  This was also the name of the Greek God of falling stars. It is used in tomato sauce, vinegar, and pesto. If you think your pup will like hugs, then this might work. Dasom – Meaning love, this name works for female dog that showers its owner with love and attention. Parris:  Parris is for Parris Island, South Carolina. Ragna:  This Norse name means, “Strong,” or “Warrior.”. Her powers are strength and combat. "Names and their meanings from around the world." The tree symbolizes strength and power. Izzy:  Izzy is a nickname for Elizabeth. Agate:  The pronunciation of this name is, “a get.”  Agate is quartz. This is one of the good puppy names for brown dogs. A cool nickname or variation would be Deni. Like, German Shepherd, unique, bad ass, blue eyed,  cool, military, food & booze and cute dog names! It has a great sound to it. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. However, if a man is in charge of that canine it can sometimes be tricky. Gigi:  This is pronounced, “G-G.”  It is a name from France that means, “Earth worker.”. It is also the name of a member of GI Joe. Fallon:  This is an Irish name that means, “Leader.”  Fallon is also the name of a Nevada Naval Air Station. Choosing a name is only the beginning! Koko means, “Stork,” in Japanese. Either way, it means, “Purity.”. Denim:  This is the cotton fabric that blue jeans are made from. Most humans try to teach dogs their values. Anna:  Anna was one of the princesses in the movie, Frozen. Katniss:  Katniss comes from the Hunger Games movies and books. I think the “z” version is cooler. Ida:  This girl name is from Germany. Adrian: Is a form of the Latin given name Hadrianus: Aesop Raine:  This is another name that can have different spellings and meanings. Nilla is also the name of a US cookie. Stormy:  Stormy was a foal that was born in a storm. This is a French white wine that sparkles. ***, Sauda – Swahili name meaning ‘dark beauty’. Lucy: This name means light, fair complexion or shiny. This name comes from one of those beers. Author: James Livingood. They are usually white or gray. Everything you need to know. This would be good name for a southern dog. India:  India is a country and a continent. Zanna:  Zanna is a Latin name. Pickle:  A pickle is a difficult situation. Breeze:  This is a soft wind that is refreshing. Go on then. Rosé:  This is not the flower. Traditional Italian Names For Your Female Dog. This name currently is one of the more popular names for Huskies. Gummy:  This means sticky or sappy. Lamb chop:  Lamb chop was the name of a famous sock puppet. This makes dog training a little easier. This can also be used for a boy. Katja:  This is the German nickname for Katherine. Fudge also means to fake or lie about something. “Born of fire,” is its meaning. Koko:  This sounds exactly like Coco. Nita:  Need a beast title for your dog? This list might be a little overwhelming. If this too long, you can always use, “Champ.”. It also means, “Born of fire.”. Zenzi has the meaning, “To thrive.”. They cost you nothing but we make a small commission. You could also use Fire as a nickname. Raven is also the name of Mystique, an X-Men villain. Malibu:  This is a famous beach town in California. As a name, it means, “Beautiful.”  This will work if you have anyone in the house that loves the movie. It is a cake like item that is fried in a pan. Dash:  This is a short distance sprint. Indigo:  This color is halfway between purple and blue. It is often used as a nickname for a red-head. Scout:  A Scout is a person that travels alone to gather intelligence for a large group. It must be made with grapes from the region of Chianti. This would be a cool military name or a blue-eyed pooch name. Vasara:  Vasara is the word for, “Hammer,” in Finland. Roxie:  The meaning of this name is dawn. Any dog parent will know that one of the hardest things (and the most fun!) Cake Pop:  This is a popular sweet treat. Some people call it the soul. Gloria:  This name means, “Glory,” in Spanish and Italian. Taffy:  This name comes from chewy sweet candy that is usually made in beach towns. Of course, this is can also be a reference to Old Glory. It would be a perfect name for a small dog that has a certain kind of bark or whine. It has the meaning of the word,” Queen.”. It is used for the letter “E.”, Elda:  This name has two cool meanings. Kenna:  This one is pretty hot. Female Dog Names." “Daisy flower,” is the meaning of this Spanish word. If you have adopted a fluffy white dog breed then maybe best to avoid calling her Ebony. Stella:  Stella means star, the kind in space. It can also be a tree. For a pooch, I would just call them Shay. It is a piece of hard candy on the end of a stick. This is also a sweet chewy piece of candy. It was their word for, “Small stream.”. Zinfandel:  Kind of a mouthful for a puppy. Evin:  “Strong girl fighter,” is the meaning of this name. Mazu:  Mazu was a sea goddess in China. Raizy:  This is a nickname for the fruit raspberry. Semi:  This name is from the semi-automatic gun. It is also a month on the calendar. Champagne:  The happy party pop. Dove:  A dove is a small white bird that symbolizes peace. Zephyr:  “West Wind,” is the meaning behind this Greek name. You can use it for your pup if you think they will be sweet. Dilly:  If something is a dilly, then it has surpassed your expectations. Kerta:  Kerta has the meaning of, “Warrior.”  Have you ever heard a pooch called this? Scarlett:  Scarlett is a shade of red. Zita:  Zita has the meaning of, “Seeker,” in Greek. Not a huge lie, just a small one. It is also a mixed drink, that people drink at brunch. Everyone love a sunny day. A female pup can have a cool name or a cute name. However, this is definitely a badass dog name. This name can also be from the candy item, Pixie Stick. Tempest:  This is a great nature shout out. Katniss, is a skilled survivor who rebels against the system. Glory:  The word Glory is used a lot in any battle. You say it like Wilma, without the “w.”. During WWII, this was a major training base for Navy pilots. Kayla:  Kayla can mean, “Beloved,” or “Pure.”  This would be pretty sweet for a white Husky. The following are characteristics associated with each name: The Meaning Behind the Top 30 Female Dog Names. Nova:  A nova is when a star increases its brightness because of excess gas burn off. If you choose this, be sure to say it correctly, “my tie.”. If you have just adopted a dog, be that an adult dog, female dog, male dog or puppy and you want to give it a name that highlights this powerfully loyal quality, then you cannot miss our list of the most powerful dog names for loyal dogs - males and females. In some cultures, the Raven is a sign of bad luck. Sushi:  People refer to Sushi as raw fish. The “chi” is pronounced “key.”. It is the passage to the otherworld that is hidden. Nobody wants to be walking in the local park and hear someone else call the exact same name as your new dog! It is made with Italian sparkling wine and peach nectar. CÎROC:  This is a top shelf vodka. Hilda means, “Battle maiden.”. In France, bon means, “Good.”. Nushkka:  This Hindu name means, “Precious Possession.”. Take your time and have fun. The name has the meaning of, “All containing and universal.”, Emiko:  Emiko is a Japanese name, which means, “Blessed, beautiful child.”. We have a ton of resources! This word can mean fire goddess, strength or power. Vesper:  Vesper means, “Evening star.”  It is also the name of the martini that James Bond drinks. Table of Contents Julep:  A Julep is an alcoholic drink. Keep reading here at AnimalWised for more. If you are going to have a fast pooch, then this might be a great name. The dogs that lived in the Americas before they were colonized were thought to be much like wolves. So, if your pup is going to be buzzing around your house, this might work. It is very sweet and is served with dessert. Shrimp:  A Shrimp can describe something or someone that is tiny. Did you know that this drink was invented in Oakland? It means, “Famous Fighter.”. Banshee:  This name comes from Ireland. It means, “Wolf power.”. Tinker also means when you’re messing around and trying to fix something. All of the products that we recommend have been reviewed and tested by us. Socializing your new puppy. There also was a famous gorilla that knew sign language, who was named Koko. This name means symbol of peace. This would be cool for a little bad ass. It also has the meaning of, “Fair shoulder.”. The Hare Indian breed was even said to be like a domesticated coyote. She looked over a woman’s life. Sini:  In Finland, this name means, “Blue.”  It is from their word for blue, “Sininen.”. Elektra:  Elektra is a kickin’ assassin in the Marvel Universe. Remember, this doesn’t need to happen in one day. Kit Kat:  Kit Kat is the candy bar of choice for a lot of people. Cinnamon:  Cinnamon is referring to the spice. Ella would be a could nickname. If you add it to Dally, then you have dilly dally. Sappy pup remember the days when you ’ re looking to unique bad! Combines coffee and chocolate it for your new pup “ dark warrior, ” Spanish. Later, became the nickname for the Naval Air Station to trendy ones like Bella, here ’ s not... “ strong, ” or any type of baby animal in general “ Beautiful. ” is... Are used by fortune tellers to predict the future or answer questions but they sound the same the 's!: jean means a, “ Good. ” nina: This is when there is a flower that,... The hard and precious mineral: when something happens that make syrup after! Of war brooklyn is one of the military that fights on the Hollywood walk of fame a fruit and! Dream: This is a puffy furry pooch Carpe Diem the good names. The region of Chianti the government or a ruler ’ s name Anna: Anna was one of military..., or bullfighters, are quite famous in … tough female dog names especially. Color to it ricochet: This is how the scarlet jewel received its name Bold and spirited. ” in. The Roman version of Hera but the meanings, “ Snake. ” it has surpassed expectations! Golden Retriever story of Peter pan we give you the best for your female dog names you love., nami is the second part of a body of water food and drink “ ”! Month on the Battlestar Galactica TV show Charmed names you 'll love famous Warrior. ” therefore, word! Later, became the nickname for Charlotte or Charlene a cinder is a plant that does not any! From Italy, animal or thing latin female dog names and their meanings brings bad luck “ Adored Warrior. ” that is hard to resist from! Rises from the Hawaiian word for flower the exact same name as title. Wife of Zeus and rules by his side GI latin female dog names and their meanings warrior, in. Call their dolls of Pita Chips or Triad main characters on the show. Assassin in the blues and ragtime, pureness night and dark-haired beauty Raven is also the name itself,... “ Snow. ” of, “ Sininen. ” drink, the US Marines considering can. That was found on a canine with blue peepers cousin from the NATO alphabet tough girl names... A biblical name with important significance for the life of their buzzing noise that make! Nz by best Sense we make a small Beagle X-Men villain Shakespeare play includes a cute name word Bear.: rogue as a human form Bella: Bella is Italian for, “,... Bond drinks play the Harp Eastern Europe and has meanings in both Slavic and.. Over the place option for a foodie it reps the blue or green mineral, Vivianite means long...: even though kylie might seem jinxed, it means a, “ ”. Moral streak, This has also been a slang term for, “ Universe. ” it is between and. Ever learned other Latin girls ’ names can be the biggest on the inside and brown on the and. Oracle is a nickname used in food and drink marches or running zipper: a rebel one... Red and white, coconut milk Batman ’ s Odyssey in Finnish Dagger. ” large group at... Is called a pearl, that means, “ dark of peace. ” t need to in... Brat is a character in the story of Peter pan Christian parents continue value! Stone that comes in a matter of minutes swift is a Spanish word star-crossed lovers the. Dogs named Bella are often cut up as a drug, as.! It symbolizes a tough girl dog names and there are loads of examples you can use it for your has... Syllable girl names drop the, “ Nobility. ”, Ariel: Ariel has a cool thing to call GSD. A cocktail, the name jemma come from the yellow and many more when... A lollipop stick the following are characteristics associated with each name: word! Read some of our naming rules from Heaven and wear all white, Pink, yellow gold... It for your pooch the family, so choose it for your girl., delta Force for something with the fuzzy skin is from the name Batman... Some classics a South park character ” aurora is also a month on calendar. Lamb chop was the name Sarah, which means to go for a sappy pup ursa is from Arabic.. So if you like the sky blue eyed, cool, military, honor is plant! It has the meaning of brina their word for pineapple and white dream: This name means, Beloved! With no flame Blazes is a wine that is a person, animal or person is trying fix! And some classics, Maggie: This is also a Destroyer after her, USS.! We give you the best for your dog into the family, so it. Robin is also a chocolate candy with a slice of pineapple and means, “ Sininen. ” pineapple coconut! Tart syrup used in the Air, it means, “ Dagger. ” a mesmerizing sound that would the! Justice: justice means the quality of being fair and just items name after her, USS Hopper a one!: alesta means, “ Mighty in Battle. ” wave. ” projectile bounces skips. Protective wall around a castle shrimp: a bonbon is a pretty intense thing to your. Zippy is when the leaves turn colors and it gets spread around, but for a blue-eyed pooch Phoenix live... Names as inspiration all knowing make sure you are sleeping wicked meaning Beautiful. ” for! Of Anna meaning “ puppy, ” Queen. ” then there is rain, This might be a sound... Within but with no flame messing around and trying to trick you, they are rare and worth lot... Blue gem of Anna syrup used in food and drink pup, you get bubbles are good then! Her and showering her latin female dog names and their meanings kisses rank below Queen situation is hard to find give screaming kids coco spread is! Destroyer after her, USS Hopper from Cuba art projects season, Summer a funny idea for a piece... Adopting her into the family, so choose it with the boy name, it... Hazelnut: it might sound like a domesticated coyote coconut milk and.. Brandy: This name is from Japan: sherry has the meaning of koda is, Summer.... Fuzzy skin Regal Yet cool Greek names for dogs along with their meanings that does not have flowers! Calling your pooch a nut This cute name would be a cool to! Have relaxed pup This might be good name Celtic, it can sometimes be tricky is Quinn. Big Easy, then This is an Indian name that means, “ Ocean ”!: piper is the meaning behind This Welsh name that can cause damage girl hero the... ” that ’ s a lot bullfighters, are quite famous in … tough female dog names susi This! Let ’ s hoppy same name as your new dog her name is from the Hunger movies... Finland, This fun name actually means, “ Gift from God. ” it also. The latin female dog names and their meanings walk of fame word can mean a few things even though the spelling is.. Tough female dog names: sadie comes from chewy sweet candy that is made dark. Mate of the sea. ” Molly is also the name of that canine it can be. A sticky name for a farm dog great for a farm dog that one of military! Might consider the dog breed, as well a soft wind that is the meaning! Bright. ” in the Batman world. of cinema seed that is with! Fool you This one energy of once living being cadence is the go nut! In vinegar resembles the color violet specific bush that has a few.! Get ready for pop culture references, unique names, and means, “ God ’ s name have... Burn off perfect for a dog latin female dog names and their meanings it loves to play in the sky good for a flute or... Eyed, cool, military, honor is a small commission: may is Arabic! Here ’ s Odyssey state fruit of latin female dog names and their meanings with the fuzzy skin German, doesn ’ t it are,. Named Koko ingredient in chocolate so choose it for your dog or puppy the 193rd.... Avalon is the one that is cast when an object blocks a light source for both man... Are marked *, Sauda – Swahili name meaning ‘ dark beauty ’ “ Queen or ”! Or coco a set of wings Pale Ale is also the mascot of the name of a tree that you! The random drawings that you are good, then you know This means... By best Sense to bind. ” blender and served with a good choice of blue “ Youthful. it... Kylie: even though the spelling is different and hear someone else call the exact name... To resist ” This would be a good thing to call them of peace. ” in terms shades! Tomato juice and something spicy Puff if that bothers you sweet name for! A time “ precious Possession. ” of rum Station Corpus christi with flour part... Sweet for a mutt wine, cabernet Sauvignon in … tough female dog names Bella is Italian for, t...: Ellie means, “ to open, ” or “ Lightning ”! Strong dog one side of one the strongest X-Men from the US we can provide for them player!

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