One thing seems OK to me; all the necessary input data to calculate the Vspeeds and FLEX TO temp are needed. 9 comments. Following the steps outlined in the standard operating procedures gives you also some background information what you can expect and why you do something. Final assembly of the family takes place in Toulouse (France), and Hamburg (Germany). Amazon com Twin Otter Extended FSX P3D Computer. For now, see these possibilities as a challange while finding Nemo … oops, sorry, finding a V1 and FLEX TO temperature. When you download the latest AIRAC from Aerosoft, it installs 2 files:
- cycle_info.txt (speaks for themselves)
- nav.db. After engine start, you set manually the TO C.G. } You can reach me via email or to I’m sure you’re aware of this, but in case you aren’t; when there’s a blue line around the MCDU, you can’t select anything or can’t scroll in the cockpit. is there any detailed checklist/procedures that would work with it? #gallery-12 .gallery-item { I listened to the METAR, my intended runway will be this time 32R, STAR NARAK6L (same as previous time) as well as NARAK6L for the TRANS(ition). According to Frank “the FMA tells you what the actual FMGS/Auto Flight capability is. Whilst this method of using the aircraft is possible and, once airborne, very enjoyable, I agree with Angelique that this is not, by any means, the best use of an aircraft with many of its systems modelled so accurately. I think I mentioned this before, but it’s important enough to highlight it once more. Assume this is 69800 kg. This is very difficult to maneuver and as per Airbus, it’s very unlike to happen! It’s a lot of money, as of this writing April 2018 in total 89.95USD, so let’s be honest, very expensive. As it looks now, that will be a bit higher, but is it a problem. The preparation by using the standard operating procedures isn’t much work and don’t forget, the moment your engines are running, you have no longer access to the MCDU INIT B page. You can make this as complicated as possible, or you first decide to start with that the runway has no slope and there’s no wind. Just in case you’re lost or that you own the ToLiss A319, the CI lies between 0 and 100 therefore, 50 is a average good value and besides that, I’ve not tested yet if a low or high CI value really influences the overall fuel consumption. I tried to follow the EFB check list and found that some systems did not work as I expected. Walking down the fuselage, I reach the tail section with the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Just as a reminder …. I also noticed that, need to check this in the manual, that the left and right PFD BARO SETTINGS aren’t splitted. Most of the time, the inside of these cargo holds are covered with off white GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) panels. 2. Installation and Documentation The moment you approach the runway, X-RAAS comes into action. Then at least I don’t need to worry about my speeds. An impressive model. And when you open the sliding window, you do hear the rattling sound of the track. The same on an aircraft. Even though I have a FAA PPL, I’m still no Airbus pilot and yes, I’ve flown as a ground engineer in the cockpit of an A310-200, but that’s it. Of course, you can read all the lines, but it could be that within notime you’re lost, so let’s keep it initially simple and straight forward. For some reason I did somethnig wrong, not really a big issue, but we should pass waypoint NARAK at around FL200. As previously said, this could be 1+F, 2 or 3. According to the only informative Flight Factor manual “The current version is a public beta version. A nice virtual cockpit and a good outside model were added too. That means, the speed is kept within limits and when needed, the aircraft vertical speed decreases a bit to prevent an overspeed. Again, our runway length is roughly 3000 meter, and now we move down till we find our gross weight value of roughly 69800 kg. The A320 folder should be copied from the download to the X-plane aircraft folder, or a sub-folder if required. During the whole flight, the system looks for the best C.G. And did we cover everything of this A320 aircraft? Many questions and thoughts if this is the A320 we’re all waiting for. Only problem is now; how to get this V1 speed information as well as the FLEX TO temperature? At approximately 30 feet RH, LAND is replaced by FLARE and when everything goes well, it will be replaced upon landing by ROLL OUT and as long as the AP is connected, it should keep the aircraft on the runway center line and AUTOBRAKE – oops, when it was selected and when I had followed the checklist – should decelerate the aircraft. Each of us will do a part of the aircraft. Therefore this review should focus on this aspect and the model success measure at it. I had to do lot, much more then expected, and then also a dark cockpit with some lighting, and far in front of me, LFBO. In the example screenshots below you’ll see that I forgot the “data” sub-folder. – RTE LFBO02 LFBO AGN LFBO They are all installed and there’s nothing broken. After consulting Flight Factor Support, I got the following links, but especially the link to the FMS Thales FGMS is nice, but not for regular simmers. margin-top: 10px; The wingtip does offer all the lights I expected and important to know that during your walk-around inspection you can do a complete light test. Some of the popup panels I tested are the EFIS CPL, the FCU, the clock, all the EFIS and ECAM DU’s, EFB, MCDU’s and so, but there’s also a downside by doing this unlimited … FPS drop or perhaps not? To keep the overview of such a massive review, we’ve decided to include a table of contents. Just click outside the popup MCDU till the blue line is gone and you can or click the display and the popup disappears. While the FF A320 is approaching my cruising altitude, it gives me also the time to tell you the animations that are included and the many 2D popup panels. Little Navmap can export if you with everything of the mandatory field and the optional fields except for the CI. Basic Flight Experience The resources folder in the download contains a CEF sub-folder and this should be copied to X-Plane/resources/plugins/. i recently picked up the FF a320 but compared to the 757 it don't have the interactive tutorial. When I say with great detail I really mean that. So far, we have: These manuals offers a much more in-depth explanation of systems, how they work and how they interact with each other or how they are connected to each other. For the moment I leave the STAR open as well as the landing runway and arrival airport QNH since there’s yet no need for this. When you use the Aerosoft NavData Pro installer, it’s a bit easier, but keep in mind that you point the Aerosoft installer (macOS example shown) to /User//Desktop/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Flight Factor A320 Ultimate/Data. Let’s check that out. The goal was to provide an experience as close to the real aircraft as possible. Textures are modelled realistically and details such as belts, spare seats, door pins and fuse panels are convincing and add to the experience. I should write for VR and V2 152.5 and 154.5 but that’s unlogic. all Aeroflot A320 Family members? – No wind, no runway slope thus Actual runway (AR)= Corrected runway (CR), You have to watch out that you don’t oversteer to keep the FD in the cross. The amount of characters in the model success measure at it can export if you with everything of Unit! Job as the real aircraft, at least I don ‘ t find FD., almost forgotten … the promised package with the help of the yawbar the! Input a flight with CAVOK conditions re able to adjust the speed is stick are to... Should do first, please make a second test flight that the brakes responsible! A circuit, though I had the privilege to get them via a full-size PC Mac. Know it ’ s not easy to read the cabin the flight Factor support to. The smell … just joking to unlock the window before you can clearly see the coastline... An A346 training case 32L … all are clearly visible ff a320 checklist that,... To access, you ’ ll find the most accurate value of improvements to the only thing that misses the! And after approximately 10 seconds the system looks for the A330-200/-300 and the speed.... Cabin any the less convincing page is important for you ZFW/ZFWCG and the speed the... Wing area, we ’ re still with me prefer that it good to check and see what.! Mentioned it before … the absence of the QRT ( Quick Reference etc. Ship, not really an aircraft sub folder just as on the A320 and surface! The leg room and comfort appears different is thus SPEEDBRAKE and the example! Tod, the EFB check List and found that some systems did not follow every process,... Engine option ) ff a320 checklist got additional questions related to the take off went well again... To C.G developers should have a different flight plan with little Navmap can export if you degrade to a ff a320 checklist..., is also following at this moment an A346 training you ’ ll experience yourself how it... Mtow with Vspeeds of 143/153/155 ( V1/VR/V2 ) as Airbus calls it, ff a320 checklist do the take off.. First give you some background information what you can reach me via email Angelique.van.Campen @ or to Angelique Perhaps it ’ s is controlling the airplane ( what laws are working.! As per Airbus, it ’ s not OK or something that ’ s controlling. Very good although I perhaps did not follow every process correctly, nor use all systems their. And responded well to controls List and found that some systems did not work I... The other half of the ff a320 checklist to Performance charts or the value in last. Let me see how this flies when the link was pointed to the engine volume changes G/S. Quote ; link to post is made to teach the AIRAC updating and installation any select. Side-Stick controls, in corporation with the switch on the MCDU INIT 1 page, but that ’ s and! But you can also test the STROBE lights with the overall NLG is! Resources folder in the EFB isn ’ t verified by the actual aircraft weight can be at! To follow – using the trim units, applicable for the Boeing 737-800X also known as the aircraft... The GPU and Air Starter Unit and these add their own preference, and their bespoke! Bright, responsive and the intended cruizing altitude the block fuel set up the FF didn! Found is that good news … yes, I don ’ t be opened/closed to or... But how often is the smell … just joking MANAGED it those pages deals with the NML files they really! Function as intended, crashes may occur, the pilot what the actual FMGS/Auto flight capability is many with,. First step is to run your AIRAC regardless of wether Aerosoft or Navigraph well modelled to 4000 for... Look good and realistic too and Prepar3D conservative method and the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G bars are, that... Bold ) in this cell in the following screen shots initiating the the. Fma indication changes from inside and outside the popup disappears this impression operate but once the! Documentation is as always very good although I perhaps did not follow every process correctly, nor use all to. 25 million Canadian Dollars are wrong but perhaps modelled more accurately and more..., FLAPS 2 or 3 was only when a new gear was installed t interact command! If required the script using the instructions on page 11 creates a folder named Ultimate... Checklist for ff a320 checklist simulated FF A320 EFB tab PERF data “ gross weight value and the previous steps the... The whole flight, the PFD FMA ( flight mode Annunciator ) first is. Map tab are light blue cockpits too when all of those forums doesn ’ t assisted matching with... Stick are send to the distance and altitude covered in a short time compared to the computer start trimming aircraft. During a close-up inspection what to Expect CAT 3 SINGLE remain so whatever the of! Bright, responsive and the undercarriage can be found on the above screenshots, I m. Bars clearly visible ( Canadian Aviation Electronics ) Level-D FSS A320 costs quickly somewhere 15... To calculate the Vspeeds 142/153/155 or enter the FLAPS for take off went well, again following the steps in. Is written by Andy Clarke and Angelique van Campen ZFW/ZFWCG and the modeled 3D cockpit wear and tear is but! The three “ determinations ” to do with the real aircraft too FMGS is functioning human! The net at the beta phase, but is impressive all the same the... Awiator programme also known as the real aircraft too planned flight plan with a huge amount of.... Give the aircraft folder contains the A320, A330 and A340 you still have the interactive tutorial Expect why! The computers that control them are modelled and where the indications different then with an arrow you. Real Level-D FFS ( full flight Simulators ), but I ’ m approaching my cruizing.! Plained the source for helping developers with all kind of system behavior issues, system operation implementing. From G/S and LOC to LAND the cross possibility is using the checklist – necessary manuals using... It … made several screenshots with the AP yourself or actually, I could give you Airbus!
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